Coach? Trainer! Emery is a stone’s throw away from the Champions League final. LIVE

Unai Emery

It’s going to be hot at Anfield today.

Hi friends! The football fiesta in Europe continues. On Tuesday, Manchester City and Real Madrid played an amazing performance in terms of plot and beauty in the first semi-final of the Champions League – today should be no less exciting. Both Klopp and Emery are brave and expressive men, and their teams are a match for their coaches. So the battle between Liverpool and Villarreal, in principle, cannot turn out to be boring – the fire will blaze there too. Moreover, this generation of “submariners” may not have another such chance to go down in history – for many of them these are the main matches of their lives. The Championship will conduct a text broadcast of the meeting at Anfield. The match starts at 22:00 Moscow time. Join now!


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