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Locust party reached home of ‘Sultan of Multan’, people said- this is Pakistan’s handiwork

The locust team, which has been a headache for farmers across the country, has now reached the capital Delhi. It has seen sky in the NCR.

The locust party was seen in areas of Gurugram as well as buildings in Sikandarpur adjacent to Gilli. This troubled group of farmers has now reached the house of Team India’s explosive opener Virender Sehwag. Veeru also shared a video on his social media.

While sharing the video, Sehwag said – Locust attack, right on top of the house… attack. As soon as Sehwag shared this video, people started cursing Pakistan. People believe that this is the handiwork of Pakistan. He has deliberately left locusts towards India. A fan of Veeru wrote, “It seems they don’t know who blew Pakistan’s sixes, where will they stand?” Take the bat and bring it across the boundary, Sehwag bhai.”

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Locusts attack , right above the house #hamla

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The other fan of Sehwag wrote – What Pakistan will send is not known. At the same time, another user wrote – Sir, take it across the boundary, like you used to deliver the first ball. Another user said- do they not know this is Veeru’s house? Many people told Sehwag to be safe. At the same time some people said that they are harming more villages than cities.

It is believed that the locust swarm is up to ten kilometers long. The ATS has asked for this to be taken care of while flying the plane. Locusts first attacked in Rajasthan. Gradually it reached Madhya Pradesh via Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra. It is now being seen in Delhi.

Regarding this, governments have also announced compensation for the farmers. These locusts are said to have reached India via Pakistan.

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