Lokomotiv head coach Josef Zinnbauer said that the Moscow club knows about the past of the team’s newcomer Ivan Ignatiev and intends to give the player a new chance.

The agreement with the 23-year-old player is designed for one year with the possibility of extension for another two. Previously, Ignatiev was on view from the railroad. The striker will play for the club under the 9th number.

“We are happy that we signed Ignatiev. Ivan is a good player, young. We know about his past, there were different stories, but we are not very interested. We give him a chance. He has great qualities that we can use. He was “a top player in his youth. Now he is a little older and knows what mistakes he made in the past,” Zinnbauer was quoted as saying by the club’s official website.

According to the coach, Ignatiev will be able to help Lokomotiv in the coming weeks, although he still needs to reach the peak of his form.
“Our joint task with Ignatiev this season will be to awaken in him exactly those positive playing qualities, due to which he will be able to give results on the field and help us achieve our goals,” added Lokomotiv sports director Thomas Zorn.

Ignatiev started last season at Kazan’s Rubin and finished on loan at Samara’s Wings of the Soviets. For these teams, he played 14 matches in the Russian championship, in which he scored one goal. Previously, the football player was called up to the youth teams of Russia of different ages. He is a graduate of Krasnodar.


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