On June 18, the final match of the Women’s Super Cup of Russia Lokomotiv – CSKA will take place. The game starts at 14:00 Moscow time. Bookmakers in their forecasts cannot identify a favorite. You can bet on the victory of red-green in bookmakers with a coefficient of 2.45. The success of the red-blue is estimated by experts at 2.90. Bets on a draw in regular time are accepted for 3.00.

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Odds of bookmakers for the Women’s Russian Super Cup match Lokomotiv vs CSKA on June 18, 2022

Bookmakers believe that the match Lokomotiv – CSKA will not be productive: the total under 2.5 goals goes for 1.67, and the total under 2.5 goals – for 2.07. If the nominal hosts score, the odds will be 1.30. The goal of nominal guests is available at bookmakers with odds of 1.37. You can bet on both teams to score for 1.86.

Analysis and forecast for the match of the Women’s Super Cup of Russia “Lokomotiv” – CSKA (18.06.2022)

Women’s football in Russia is gradually gaining popularity. In order to increase interest this year, the regular season format has undergone important changes. Instead of the usual system, teams now play first the main stage in two rounds, and then the final one according to the “4 + 6” scheme. The four strongest fight each other in two rounds, and the six less successful ones will play each other in one round.

BATE - Isloch.  In the championship of Belarus without changes
BATE – Isloch. In the championship of Belarus without changes

At the end of last year’s season, the two strongest teams were Lokomotiv and CSKA. In the upcoming match they will compete for the Russian Super Cup. The meeting will take place at the stadium in the Luzhniki sports town, it will be served by a team of referees headed by one of the best referees in the country – Anastasia Pustovoitova.

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It is worth noting that the current Super Cup will be the second in the history of women’s teams in Russia. Lokomotiv and CSKA also met in the first. The victory was then won by the railway workers with a score of 1:0. A lot has changed since then, especially for CSKA. Perhaps we’ll start with him.

After the defeat from Lokomotiv and not the best start of the season in 2021, Maxim Zinoviev left the post of head coach of WFC CSKA. The place was taken by Sergei Lavrentiev, but his activities also did not bring positive results. Then the club’s management decided to return the notorious Alexander Grigoryan to the post.

Colorado - Tampa Bay.  Forecast for the 2nd match: the reigning champions did not expect such a start
Colorado – Tampa Bay. Forecast for the 2nd match: the reigning champions did not expect such a start

An experienced mentor has already led the team several years ago, and very successfully. However, in the current season, the successes of his wards are contradictory. For 14 meetings in the Superleague, they suffered three defeats – from Zenit (0:2 and 0:1) and Enisey (1:2), which scored a terrific move. They also tied with Lokomotiv (0:0), and won in other meetings.

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It would seem that there are very few unsatisfactory results. However, their importance cannot be underestimated. It is not the first year that CSKA players have had problems with strong opponents. Most of the points are scored in matches with outsiders and middle peasants, whose level is not so high yet.

But the Loko women’s team has no such problems. For the whole of last season, she only drew once and suffered three defeats, two of which were at the finish line and did not affect anything. In the current season of the Superleague, the successes are not much worse. For 13 meetings, only once lost to Zenit (0:2). Also, in addition to a peaceful outcome with CSKA, there was a draw with Rubin (1:1) and Zvezda-2005 (0:0).

CSKA in the new season: Fedotov will not bring trophies, but there will be medals
CSKA in the new season: Fedotov will not bring trophies, but there will be medals

In the rest of the confrontations, the railroaders won confident victories, pleasing with their performance. Not the last role in the success was played by Elena Fomina, who has been the head coach since the founding of the club (since 2018). During her work, she managed to build an amazing team with solid resources.

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Due to this, Lokomotiv won the treble in 2021, winning the Super League, the Russian Cup and the Russian Super Cup. As a result, seven players of the team got into the symbolic team at once. One of them, Alsu Abdullina, even moved to London Chelsea in the winter. However, the loss was not serious. No less talented Natalya Mashin and Nadezhda Ilyinykh came to replace them.

In the upcoming match, Loko looks preferable. Over the past five meetings, the club has suffered only one defeat against CSKA – at the end of the 2021 season, where the result did not matter. There was also one draw. But in the rest of the meetings, victories were won. Moreover, never during this period did the goal indicator exceed the mark of two goals per match.

In this situation, 1X + TM 3.5 balls for a factor of 1.80 looks like a good option for betting. Wards of Alexander Grigoryan can try to catch on to a draw in regular time and bring the matter to a penalty. However, a better outcome can hardly be expected. Railway workers, in our opinion, simply have more reserves.

Forecast and bets for the match of the Women’s Super Cup of Russia Lokomotiv – CSKA on June 18, 2022

Lokomotiv has a strong line-up and, as a result, excellent success at a distance. Treble last year and only one loss to the powerful Zenit this season speaks volumes. CSKA, in turn, significantly improved under the leadership of Grigoryan, but still regularly has problems with strong opponents. History of face-to-face meetings on the side of Loko. And all of them were not successful. It seems that this time the railway workers will at least not lose in regular time. We do not expect many goals, but it will definitely be interesting.

Bid: Lokomotiv will not lose and the total is under 3.5 goals for 1.80.

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