Lokomotiv — Vityaz, prediction for the KHL match on September 17, 2022, where to watch online for free, live broadcast

Lokomotiv – Vityaz. Igor Nikitin will pull Yaroslavl out of the pool

Danil Moiseev

Danil Moiseev

Lokomotiv — Vityaz: prediction for the KHL match

After the words of the railroad coach, whoever you want will become savage.

On September 17, the KHL regular season match between Lokomotiv and Vityaz will take place. The meeting starts at 17:00 Moscow time. Bookmakers in their forecasts give preference to the hosts. You can bet on the victory of the railway workers in regular time with a coefficient of 1.55. Experts offer a coefficient of 5.50 for the victory of Vityaz.

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Bookmaker odds for the KHL match Lokomotiv vs Vityaz on September 17, 2022

Bookmakers believe that the KHL match Lokomotiv – Vityaz will be productive: the total over 4.5 goals goes for 1.78, and the total under 4.5 goals goes for 2.10. A draw in regular time is available at bookmakers with odds of 5.00. You can bet on a goal in the first minute of the match for odds of 14.00.

Forecast and analysis of the KHL regular season match Lokomotiv Yaroslavl – Vityaz (17.09.2022)

Only three games are scheduled for September 17 in the Continental Hockey League. Special attention should be paid to the confrontation between Yaroslavl Lokomotiv Igor Nikitin and Vityaz Vyacheslav Butsaev. The meeting will take place on the ice of Arena-2000-Lokomotiv in Yaroslavl. The first face-off will take place at 17:00 Moscow time.

Accumulative on September 16 at odds 9.50: Schwartz survives, Mitrovic surprises
Accumulative on September 16 at odds 9.50: Schwartz survives, Mitrovic surprises

After the start of the season, the wards of Igor Nikitin held six official meetings. Alas, they won only two victories out of six possible. They took over Traktor (4:0) and Neftekhimik (4:3). The same unfortunate start to the season was last year. Is this a curse? The day before, the club lost in a match with SKA (2:3), and before that – with CSKA (2:3).

Viktor Gusev gave a prediction for the Dynamo-Zenit match with a coefficient of 2.65.

As you can see, the team doesn’t give the opponents a chance to roam, but they don’t shine with performance either. Therefore, it takes only ninth place in the Western Conference with five points. At the same time, the statistics of goals scored and missed is interesting (17-17). Not to say that everything is terrible, but there is nothing to boast about. Clearly not enough Eddie Pasquale in goal.

“Vityaz” was the discovery of this season. The team also played six matches, but went on a winning streak of four meetings. The day before, she only lost to Dynamo Moscow (0:2) and SKA (2:4). As before, Petersburgers do not know defeat, and all the rest have already experienced the failures for themselves.

Torpedo - CSKA.  Vladimir Fedotov one step closer to Zenit
Torpedo – CSKA. Vladimir Fedotov one step closer to Zenit

Vityaz is currently fifth in the West with eight points. At the same time, the offensive statistics are similar to those of Loko – 17 goals scored. In defense, a little better – 13 missed shells. Against the background of the opponent, the guests look really good. However, two matches with strong opponents also take away strength.

“Tractor” was strengthened by the most experienced Canadian goalkeeper from the NHL.

Plus, the statistics of face-to-face meetings, numbering 40 matches, remains with the railroad. They won in 31 battles, while Vityaz has only nine victories. This, of course, is a huge advantage. Plus, in the last 10 head-to-head games, opponents have never scored less than four goals. It’s impressive!

Just the statistics of abandoned goals are now similar for the teams. At the same time, in Yaroslavl, over the past five games, the hosts have won only three times. So it’s hard to pick a favorite in this match. However, the rivals have already met in Balashikha, where Vityaz defeated the opponent with a score of 4:3 in overtime.

Igor Nikitin is clearly angry at such a defeat, plus in the last round with SKA, the outcome was predetermined by the removal of Yegor Korshkov in the third period before the final siren with the score 2:1 in favor of Loko. The opponent managed to take advantage of this, first equalizing, and in the last minute completely taking the lead in the match. A shameful defeat, especially since this is the third failure in a row for the team.

Morally, it puts pressure on the composition. Yes, and Nikitin has nowhere to roam, the composition has not changed in the preseason, and Sergey Andronov alone cannot go far. But pleases Maxim Shalunov with seven points obtained in six games and Yegor Averin with five. So maybe not all is lost. The team snaps and tries.

Dynamo - Zenit.  Sergei Semak will be careful after the defeat
Dynamo – Zenit. Sergei Semak will be careful after the defeat

Now there is a clear chance of success. “Vityaz” after two serious tests will definitely not fully recover. Plus, the motivation of the railroad does not hold. Especially after Coach’s thoughts on blood and snot. At home, there is a chance to cling to points, it’s time to cross out the black bar. There is someone to throw. Therefore, we decide to check the bet that Lokomotiv will not lose + total over 4.5 goals for 2.03.

Lokomotiv – Vityaz: forecast and bet on the KHL match on September 17, 2022

The railroad failed the start of the season, although the team is trying. Vityaz became the opening of the season, but has already lost twice to stronger opponents. Loko was unlucky in the meeting with the St. Petersburg club. Now the opponent is weaker. Plus, the support of the stands at home, but still in Yaroslavl it is difficult to single out a clear favorite. We will take, for reinsurance, a combined bet on the hosts through total over pucks. It’s time for Igor Nikitin to end his losing streak.

Bid: Lokomotiv will not lose and the total is over 4.5 goals in 2.03.

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