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Farewell to Georgy Yartsev - 1920, 07/19/2022


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MOSCOW, 19 Jul – The best football player of the USSR in 1972, Yevgeny Lovchev, believes that at the funeral of the owner of the Moscow Spartak, Leonid Fedun, and the former member of the board of directors of the club, Zarema Salikhova, there will not be as many people as at the farewell ceremony for the former coach of the Russian national team Georgy Yartsev.
Farewell to Yartsev took place on Tuesday at the Spartak Academy. The ceremony was attended by many famous football players and figures in the past, as well as current players and coaches.
“Someone says that an era is leaving. In Spartak, an era is leaving almost every year, because this club is always noticeable. I don’t think that as many people will gather at the funeral of Fedun and Zarema. Pushkin also wrote: “K the folk path will not overgrow him.” For me, this is an indicator of how much a person is loved and what mark he left in this life. we all leave the people and then return to the people again. This people loves you or doesn’t love you. They love them,” Lovchev said on the air of the 360 ​​TV channel.
Yartsev died on July 15 at the age of 75. He was the head coach of the Russian national team from 2003 to 2005, under his leadership the national team played in the final part of the European Championship – 2004. In addition, Yartsev led Spartak, with whom he became the champion of Russia in 1996.


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