Magomed Ismailov – Alexander Ilich, when the fight, where to watch the broadcast, who is the favorite of the fight, the full card of the tournament

Magomed Ismailov – Alexander Ilic: where and when to watch the broadcast of the boxing match

Denis Dorofeev

Denis Dorofeev

Alexander Ilich and Magomed Ismailov

The bookmakers consider the Bald Predator to be the clear favorite. Why?

Date and time of the fight

The boxing match between Magomed Ismailov and Alexander Ilic will take place on October 7 at the Pravda Old School Boxing site. Their meeting will take place in the Great Moscow Circus. For the Bald Predator, this is the second fight according to the rules of boxing. However, he is still considered an underdog. An aggravating factor is that they will fight with old-school horsehair gloves that are stronger than the current ones.

In addition to the fight between Ismailov and Ilic, the star of fisticuffs and former Glory fighter Vlad Tuinov will perform on the card. He will face MMA veteran and former member of the Bare Knuckle FC fisticuffs league Julian Lane. Rasul Mirzaev, Nikolay Chibisov and Timur Nikulin will also enter the ring.

The start of the boxing tournament is at 19:00 Moscow time, Ismailov and Ilich will enter the ring after 23:00 Moscow time. “Championship” will conduct an online broadcast of this tournament.

Live broadcast of the fight Magomed Ismailov – Alexander Ilich

The boxing tournament with the main fight Magomed Ismailov – Alexander Ilich will be broadcast by the REN TV channel. The live broadcast starts at 22:50.

The main card of the tournament with the main fight Ismailov – Ilic

Materials about the fight

Prediction for the fight

Oddly enough, but the favorite of the meeting according to the bookmakers is the base wrestler Ismailov. It looks like they were so impressed with the victory over Durodola that they give a modest odds of 1.20 for his victory. However, he will again be confronted by a dangerous striker. If Durodol can be considered decommissioned and age-old, then Ilic poses a serious threat. What did he show in 21 seconds of the fight with Shlemenko. Yes, we will not see a flying knee with a striking high-kick performed by a Serb. However, he has crazy anthropometry: 190 cm – height and 199 cm – arm span. While the Bald Predator has a height of 177 cm, and an arm span of 176 cm.

Alexander Ilich and Magomed Ismailov

Alexander Ilich and Magomed Ismailov

Photo: RCC press service

Plus, Ismailov has recently recovered from a knee injury, and the Serb is in good shape. He is 33 years old and in his prime. Therefore, he should not be underestimated, especially in a fight by the rules of boxing, which is closer to Ilic. Plus, the format of the fight is six rounds of three minutes each. And the Russian is quickly exhausted. Thus, we are inclined to believe that the Joker will make another sensation and lay down Ismailov. But 30 million rubles are not lying on the road. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to understand the Bald Predator. Only the main thing is that his fight with Alexander Shlemenko does not fail again.

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