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Magomed Ismailov – Alexander Shlemenko, Bald Predator vs. Timur Nikulin in Arena, video


“Sack, I’ll roll you out!” Maga Ismailov gave a thrashing to the pop MMA star. Video

Evgeny Narizhny

The bald predator found a money fight if the duel with Alexander Shlemenko fails.

Magomed Ismailov has a lot of free time from training – due to recovery, one of the most media fighters in Russia will fight Alexander Shlemenko in December. Up to this point, Storm has already planned two fights – they will come in handy if the fight with Maga eventually fails. It seems that the Bald Predator also decided to take care of backup options – he followed them into pop MMA.

Magomed has already run into tournaments of various promotions more than once. In Hardcore, he is already offered to fight with Vyacheslav Datsik according to the rules of boxing, and in Arena another option is planned. In this organization, Maga became almost a permanent leader – during one of the tournaments, Timur Nikulin entered the cage and challenged Ismailov to a fight.

Nikulin was supposed to fight in boxing with Vladimir Mineev. The fight was officially announced for June 12, and the fighters had a duel of views on the lawn of the VTB Arena, but at the last moment everything fell apart. Now Timur is trying to get an even more interesting option from the point of view of the media.

The fighters staged a half-joking, half-serious brawl in the cage. Nikulin immediately realized that it was better to take the initiative, and after the on-duty threats, he began to fight Ismailov. The bald predator just laughed and gave the guards the command to drag the impudent fist fighter away. “You are a bag, I will roll you out, you are talking to a professional!” Maga shouted for persuasiveness.

Video rights belong to Arena. The video can be viewed on the Arena YouTube channel.

A sterdown was organized for the fighters, but after Nikulin’s words that Ismailov was afraid of him, Magomed could not stand it and threw his opponent on the canvas, having issued a powerful takedown, despite the opposition of the bodyguards. “This is MMA, bro! Take me, what are you guys! You wanted it?” Maga shouted through laughter, imitating elbow strikes.

The second attempt at a duel of views turned into disputes over who sank the most in cardio. Magomed assured Nikulin that the money for the fight with him would be the hardest in his life. The Arena promotion did not announce the date of the fight, and so far the whole show that Ismailov and Nikulin put on, although it looked dynamic, was light and friendly – just in the style of Magi, who behaves like this with all rivals. But Nikulin is known for his penchant for thrash talk, so if the parties sign a contract, it’s hard to imagine what this will lead to.


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