Greetings, friends! There are only half a dozen matches before the finish of the Champions League, and each of them is by default a big event that cannot be missed. The semi-final stage started today, April 26, in Manchester with the battle of the local City against Real Madrid. And this battle turned out great!

The “eared” cup is the only thing Pep Guardiola lacks to consider his mission in England fully completed. Last year’s finals only further provoked him. And the most titled KECH/CHL club (13 trophies!) cannot set any other goal in the tournament: only victory. Both clubs are leaders in their respective leagues and put on a high quality and passionate football show.

The final whistle sounds. Man City and Real Madrid put on an incredible show in the first semi-final of the Champions League. Just in case, we remind you that the away goals rule does not apply this season.

Manchester City – Real Madrid 4 : 3 ended


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