Maygurov on the refusal of the Ministry of Justice: this is a working moment, work on the new charter of the RRF continues

MOSCOW, May 14 – The new charter of the Russian Biathlon Union will be finalized, the refusal of the Ministry of Justice to register its first version is a working moment, the organization’s website quotes the head of the RBU Viktor Maygurov.
The creation of a new charter of the RBU became known at the end of March, one of the main changes in it should be the creation of the executive committee of the organization, which will replace the council and board of the RBU, and a change in the presidential election system.
“Indeed, we received a refusal from the Ministry of Justice to register a new version of the charter of the RBU. Thus, our charter adopted in 2018 continues to operate, and the June reporting and election conference of the RBU will be held in accordance with it. At the same time, work on a new version of the charter continues “, all conference delegates will be familiarized with this version in advance. The fact of refusal is a working moment. As they say in the Ministry of Justice, not a single charter is accepted the first time. Many who in one way or another were involved in the registration of documents, I think, faced such a situation, so that it did not come as a surprise to us,” Maygurov said.
“To a greater extent, these are technical remarks and clarification of the wording. There is one fundamental disagreement of the supervisory authority about the fact that only accredited organizations have the right to vote, although this provision was initiated and supported by all delegates of the conference, which took place in Tyumen at the end of March of this year. We will discuss this point again at the reporting and election conference. On the other hand, we did not receive any comments on such a fundamental point as the creation of the RBU executive committee with the simultaneous abolition of the RBU council and the board of the RBU, this indicates the correctness of the decision on this issue” he added.



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