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Media: Manchester City owners want to invest in Ufa

Foreign investors may appear at the Russian club , Roman Naguchev, a commentator on Match TV channel, reports.

According to the source, we are talking about the holding City Football Group, which owns , and Red Bull.

“Somehow, the talk quickly subsided that a super-rich investor is interested in a Russian club. Yet they understand that Russia is hardly a suitable platform for investing in football. But the investor seems to come to our club. According to my information, this club will become” Ufa “. Shamil Gazizov has not only one, but two very good offers at once. One of them is from the same ones that Alexander Zinchenko bought. They liked the club’s attitude towards the player and the offer from City. Plus Bashkortostan is an oil region and this gives a lot of opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation, “Naguchev wrote in his Telegram channel.

“The second option is Red Bull. It is curious that the general director of Ufa is leaning in this direction. There is noticeably fewer short-term money, but many more prospects. They have not abandoned any of their projects. What is in , what is in the , what is in , in , is work on the result and the desire to be in the public eye. The leadership of Ufa has held several meetings. Everything will be decided soon, “added Naguchev.

“Ufa” takes ninth place in the standings of the season-2019/20.

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