Transfer Exchange Show: Ferencvaros offered Dziuba a three-year contract for 1 million per year

MOSCOW, June 23 – The Hungarian football club Ferencváros offered the ex-football player of Zenit Artem Dzyuba a three-year contract, according to Twitter The Transfer Exchange Show resource.
The source notes that the annual salary of the striker in the Budapest team could be $1 million a year. Since December 2021, Ferencváros has been headed by ex-head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov. It is reported that the Greek “Olympiacos” also held talks with the player.
Earlier, citing a source, it was reported that the 33-year-old Dzyuba, who in May announced his departure from St. Petersburg Zenit, for which he had played since 2015, began negotiations with one of the clubs in the top division of the Turkish championship.



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