The Athletic: NHL and clubs are concerned that Russian players may not return to the league

MOSCOW, July 3 – The National Hockey League (NHL) and clubs are concerned that Russian players may not be back in the league by next season, reports The Athletic.
According to the source, many clubs offered to conduct pre-season training for the Russians outside of Russia, worried that the local government could prevent hockey players from returning to their NHL teams. Also, one agent representing the interests of a number of Russian players suggested that his clients not return home.
In addition, one of the problems may be related to the fact that last season some Europeans, including Russians, got the right to play in the NHL without work visas due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the moment, the US Consulate in Moscow does not issue visas, and due to the heavy workload, it has become more difficult to obtain visas in European countries. In this regard, team representatives hope that the exclusion will be extended for the 2022/23 season.
Teams expect to receive more guidance from the league during the upcoming draft week in Montreal, when NHL immigration lawyers typically meet with club representatives.


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