Media reports Mbappe’s interactions with the Pogba brothers due to the situation with the hiring of a sorcerer

© press service of the club “PSG”Kylian Mbappe

MOSCOW, 2 Sep – Paris Saint-Germain footballer Kylian Mbappe contacted Paul and Matthias Pogba by phone to find out how he was involved in the conflict between the brothers and the situation with the hiring of a sorcerer, according to RTL.
Earlier, representatives of Paul Pogba said they expected provocative statements from Matthias. They also reported threats and attempts at extortion by the older brother of the Juventus player “as part of an organized criminal group.” After that, Matthias Pogba accused his brother of trying to spoil Mbappe. French prosecutors have opened an investigation into possible extortion attempts by Matthias Pogba.
According to the source, Mbappe called the brothers after this news to hear their versions of events and better understand the situation. The football player’s entourage reported that the Pogba brothers said “what they could and wanted to say.” What conclusions Mbappe made from this is not specified.
Paul Pogba and Mbappe are part of the French national team who won the 2018 World Cup and the 2021 Nations League.


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