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Men’s sport chic clothing – what to buy in autumn 2022

With the onset of the new calendar season, it is worth taking care to update your wardrobe for the new season. What new items to buy to look fashionable and appropriate without changing the usual style of clothing? We deal with the stylist.

Elena Kolesnikova

clothing designer, stylist

Sport chic can be considered a mix of styles that has become a part of our lives and has become a separate trend. It combines an urban look with bright details mixed with sporty comfort.
Today, this style is popular with both men and women.


The actual purchase for the coming autumn will be a coat with elements of a sporty style, as if put on a sports jacket with a high collar with a zipper. Complement this with comfortable track pants and chunky-soled slip-on boots, add a tailored leather backpack with a bright color element, and your look is ready.

Photo: Elena Kolesnikova

On the picture: Palm Angels coat, Avant Toi pants, Moncler boots, Fendi backpack, STONE ISLAND longsleeve, D1 Milano watch, Bang & Olufsen headphones, Polo Ralph Lauren cap.

More budget analogues can be found at Austin, Sportmaster, SHU, SORRY, I’M NOT.


Don’t forget your hat. Caps are still relevant. If you haven’t purchased this accessory in the summer, now is the time. Moreover, caps fit perfectly into the sport-chic style. Just one bright detail can make the image brighter.

To diversify your wardrobe, just choose a couple of trendy things. What you should pay attention to, read the link below.

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Parkas are still on trend. They can be with insulation, for a later cold autumn, or light and thin, appropriate at the beginning of the season. Such a parka will easily fulfill the role of a raincoat. Models without fasteners that are worn over the head are now at the peak of popularity, take a closer look at them.

Photo: Elena Kolesnikova

On the picture: Bang & Olufsen parka, BALMAIN sneakers, MARKET pants, Supreme backpack, Thom Browne T-shirt, D1 Milano watch, FLATLIST glasses, Balenciaga headphone case.

But also do not forget about the classic models. Opt for parkas in printed fabric. Pair with a casual tracksuit and high-visibility shoes for a cool, stylish look.

Photo: Elena Kolesnikova

On the picture: Dsquared2 parka, Stone Island sweatshirt, Stone Island pants, Moncler fanny pack, Hide&Jack sneakers, Mackintosh cap, Balenciaga Eyewear glasses.

More budget analogues can be found at ZNY, USHATÁVA, Mango Man, Gloria Jeans.

Don’t forget the details. In autumn the sun is still bright, protect your eyes with goggles. And such a small but stylish accessory as a headphone case can say a lot about you.


An excellent and long-term investment in the wardrobe will be the purchase of a bomber jacket. Their materials and styles are varied. You won’t go wrong if you get a black bomber jacket with contrasting zippers on the pockets. Such a model can be entered into a monochrome look with an emphasis on shoes.

Photo: Elena Kolesnikova

On the picture: Off-White bomber jacket, Off-White sweatshirt, BOSS pants, Kenzo waist bag, Dsquared2 cap, Lanvin shoes.

Down jacket

In late autumn, when you want to wrap yourself in something warmer, and nature is no longer as bright and elegant as at the beginning of the season, buy a bright short down jacket. It will not only warm, but also cheer you up. Such an investment may seem unreasonable, but if your wardrobe is not very diverse in color, a down jacket will be a good accent in the image.

Photo: Elena Kolesnikova

On the picture: Readymade jacket, Off-White pants, Stone Island longsleeve, Thom Browne boots, Moncler hat, Saint Laurent bag.

More budget analogues can be found at Baon, Colin’s, Patrol.


Shoes can easily become the center of attention. Buy a pair of sneakers that are incredible in color or boots with fashion elements – with tractor soles, without lacing. In autumn, more and more often you have to look under your feet in order to bypass a puddle or step over the mud … so let your fashionable shoes catch your eye when you look down and cheer up not only you, but also other passers-by.

Our little instruction at the link below will help you choose an “unkillable” pair.

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