Milan Kalinic showed why the goalkeeper of the “God of Concrete League”: He took off the string at the charity match and received applause

With a very nice and humane gesture, the Red Star showed that it cultivates and nurtures true human values. The club organized a charity match between the women’s senior team and the cadets of the men’s team, where all the proceeds from the tickets went to Betty, the association for neglected animals. In addition to cadets and football players, the match was also marked by Milan Kalinic, who at one point came in to defend and showed his goalkeeping abilities.

It is already known that it is Kalinic “God of the concrete league”, and that he often stands on goal to defend his club, and now he is “running” to help the football players, who obviously needed encouragement from the backline.

The women’s team lost 1-0 when it did Kalinic entered the game, he stood on the goal and already entering the field, he started shouting and encouraging his teammates to move forward, so that they have nothing to worry about when he is on goal. He called them lionesses and did not spare words of praise for their qualities.

All the support paid off soon, as his team equalized, and in the last minutes of the match, Milan Kalinic had an incredible bravado on goal, when he defended a clean sheet to a player of the opposing team. You can watch that video at the beginning of the text, while below you can see the gallery from the match between these two teams.

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