Giannis is a car and lucky! 42 points from the Greek and three misses “Boston” in the last seconds

Marat Araslanov

Marat Araslanov

Milwaukee defeated Boston in the third game of the series

Opponents are too equal in strength to determine the favorite in the confrontation.

Boston tied the series with Milwaukee in Game 2. The first in their performance turned out to be unconvincing. But match number 2 raised even more questions. What has changed in a few days to take out the reigning champion by 23 points?

The answer that catches the eye is too much difference in the implementation of long-range attempts. Jason Tatum and his company have converted 20 three out of 43 attempts, while the “deer” scored only 3 out of 18! Brown and Tatum scored 59 points between them and no one seemed to notice the loss of Marcus Smart.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jaylen Brown

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jaylen Brown

Photo: Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Bucks came home at 1-1 in the series and were determined to immediately mark their advantage. Guests released Smart – the best defensive player in the NBA this season. The abundance of misses in the first minutes can be attributed to increased responsibility, but even then the teams did not indulge the audience with excessive performance.

In the course of the first 12-minute period, the opponents made 20% of attempts from behind the arc, and in the first quarter they scored 19 and 22 points in total. Yes, the hosts were in the lead, but you can’t call it an advantage.

Durant is no longer the best player in the NBA?  Celtics crushed the Nets in the first round of the playoffs
Durant is no longer the best player in the NBA? Celtics crushed the Nets in the first round of the playoffs

Already in the first quarter, Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer asked for a challenge. He wanted to dot the offensive foul situation for Giannis Antetokounmpo. And he was not upset that the arbitrators did not change their decision.

The first truly explosive moment came after four minutes in the second quarter. Boston intercepted the ball, and Jason Tatum ran into the gap and really wanted to score from above. Giannis ran to cover, but did not have time. The dunk took place, but after the contact of two forwards, both went to the floor. Tatum lay longer and held his hand. The arbitrators even went to watch the episode for the presence of an unsportsmanlike foul, but the viewing did not confirm the suspicion. Luckily, the Boston leader got up and scored a bonus free kick.

Video rights belong to NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC. The video is available on the Chaz NBA YouTube channel.

The fight and the exchange of points scored lasted the entire first half. The calm was disturbed only 4:40 before the end of the second quarter, when Giannis collided in the aisle with Robert Williams and grabbed his knee. He lay down for about 10 seconds, got up and began to attack the Celtics ring with redoubled energy.

Grik Freak, with his fans, tried to be the best in everything: he picked up, gave passes, scored in the aisles, from the middle and even from a distance! As a result, the Bucks star not only scored 42 points (16 of 30 from the field), but also stopped a stone’s throw from a triple-double – 42 points + 12 rebounds + 8 assists.

The leadership of the hosts was getting stronger and it seemed that the final victory was already a matter of time. At some point, the advantage became double-digit. For such a tight match, the turning point. And at that very moment, Jaylen Brown woke up. It was the actions of another star, with the active help of veteran Al Horford, that allowed the guests to return to the game.

Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart

Photo: Stacy Revere/Getty

Everything was finally decided in the classic ending. Markus Smart got on the penalty line with the score 103:100 in favor of the “deer”. The tactics of the guests was non-standard – it was decided to score the first and intentionally smear the second in order to have a chance to rebound and try to level the score.

NBA – playoffs. 1/2 finals – East. 3rd match

May 07, 2022, Saturday. 22:30 Moscow time

Milwaukee Bucks


Boston Celtics


Milwaukee Bucks: Antetokounbo – 42, Holiday – 25, Lopez – 13, Connaughton – 11, Portis – 9, Matthews – 3, Antetokounbo, Allen, Wildos, Ibaka, Carter, Middleton, Nvora, Tucker, hill

Boston Celtics: Brown – 27, Horford – 22, White – 14, Tatum – 10, Williams – 10, Smart – 9, Williams – 9, Cornet, Morgan, Nesmith, Pritchard, Stauskas, Thais, Fitts, Hoser

Smart scored first. And the second really specially greased. And what is most surprising – he picked up the ball! Marcus’s attempt from under the ring was unsuccessful … but Robert Williams got to the ball in the flea market under the ring. And pass again. In the last moments of the ball into the ring Horford tried to smuggle, but he was in for disappointment.

Video rights belong to NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC. The video is available on the NBA YouTube channel.

As a result, time ended before the “Celts” could score. Difficult victory for Milwaukee, who take the lead in the series – 2:1.


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