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Mitchell Starc gives proof of injury, now will demand Rs 11 crore from BCCI!

Australia’s fast bowler Mitchell Starc has given evidence of not being able to play IPL due to injury in the year 2018. Stark said that he was hurt, so he is entitled to the sum insured.

Stark was associated with the Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s team Kolkata Knight Riders in the year 2018. Stark submitted video footage of the second Test match against South Africa in 2018.

With this, he wants to prove that he got hurt while playing and he has entitled to an insurance amount of Rs 11 crore due to Kolkata Knight Riders not playing in the Indian premiere.

Stark filed a case against the insurance company in April last year. The insurer, however, protested that the injury occurred during the second test in Port Elizabeth. According to the news of Sydney Morning Herald, the hearing of the civil case will be held from August 12.

Mediation efforts between the two sides failed last month when Stark (Mitchell Starc) manager Andrew Fraser provided video footage of Fox Sports showing the fast bowler bowling during the second Test.

Prior to IPL 2018, this left-arm fast bowler was signed by Knight Riders for $ 1.8 million. According to the newspaper’s news, “The delay occurred because the lawyers of the insurance company said that they did not get enough time to assess the footage from 10 March. One footage is one minute 37 seconds while the other is seven minutes 25 seconds.”

However, the legal team of Stark (Mitchell Starc) has said that the insurance company had 13 months to review the case and demand the footage. Stark (Mitchell Starc) must prove that he suffered the only and sudden injury at a known place and time. Stark played the third Test of the series. Both parties have submitted their medical reports keeping their stand.

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