The whole world missed the series “Mouse”. And this is a great detective thriller about maniacs

Philip Stepin

Philip Stepin

A real detective where you can guess the killer.

In 2021, the premiere of the series “Mouse”- a crime detective-thriller about a serial killer. In the rest of the world, judging by the modest number of ratings on IMDB and other resources, the project was practically not heard of – but in vain. This is a series with a capital letter that never ceases to amaze until the end.

The plot is simple: in the 90s, a serial killer was operating, who was accidentally caught, and 26 years later, a similar maniac appears. In order not to delve into any plot details, I will stop here – it is best to dive into the “Mouse” with minimal knowledge. One of the posters already gives out too much information.


“Mouse” first detective – the one who, at every convenient moment, distributes equally useful tips to the audience and heroes. You, while watching along with the characters, are trying to figure out what is really happening, and often it works out.

It’s often more important to not look closely than to forget certain things if you want to unravel the show’s surprises.

If you don’t want to strain yourself, don’t worry, the creators of the series will “turn the table” more than once or twice, and each event is explained from several points of view. By the end, everything will become clear.


Another important feature of the “Mouse” – scenario. This is a confusing and ambiguous story, which was obviously first thought out in detail, and only then they began to shoot. When viewing, you are often surprised how many details and events are intertwined, but all this never seems far-fetched – just to connect what is happening with each other for the next “shocking turn”. No, there is no such thing here.

In general, the “Mouse” is difficult to find any serious flaws. There are moments inherent in many dramas, but in such minimal portions that, without knowing these features, you won’t notice. The series also has a slightly extended timing – each episode runs for 70-90 minutes, and there are only 20 episodes. But you begin to notice this only towards the end, when all the cards are already laid out on the table.


“Mouse” is a series that is definitely worth watching. This is a brutal detective with a soul. It is unlikely that it was expensive to produce, but it looks more expensive than many Hollywood premieres – thanks to shooting on location with a minimum amount of graphics. Actors never give reason to doubt the realism of what is happening.

The most impressive thing is how well the script is worked out here – by the end of the series, the series repeatedly turns to the beginning, supplementing or changing the idea of ​​u200bu200bwhat happened. And it never seems superfluous or far-fetched, as if they are just trying to surprise once again. No.

The series is definitely worth watching for fans of tense and exciting stories, especially those who like to solve the ending. Calling the local plot really difficult will not work – when you begin to understand everything, what is happening turns out to be incredibly simple. But how it is staged and told is a separate conversation.


The “Mouse” will not continue – this is a complete story, although some Netflix would have started to develop certain branches if desired. I want as many people as possible to get acquainted with this work. Do not miss!

What did you like

  • A real detective – the viewer can solve the riddle before anyone else.
  • A tense and rather violent show.
  • Excellent script.
  • Excellent cast.

What did not like

  • When you finish watching one episode, you can’t stop watching the next one.

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