MS Dhoni is not afraid of Coronavirus, See Video


Mahendra Singh Dhoni is in the news these days for his comeback. Dhoni, who has been working hard in the net practice for a great comeback in the IPL, is focusing his full attention on cricket these days. They have also made distances from social media.

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni

Despite this, his videos continue to go viral on social media. Sometimes a fan in Mahi’s net practice broke the security and reached the pitch to touch his feet, sometimes someone insisted on taking a selfie with him and joined hands.

A video of Dhoni has surfaced on Twitter in which a fan comes to him. Meanwhile, Dhoni is in a mood for fun and plays hide and seek while dancing with a fan.

Dhoni always does something to please his fans, which attracts the attention of the people and he becomes a favorite of all.

You cannot live without laughing at Dhoni’s gesture in this 25-second duration video. This video of Dhoni having fun with the fan is becoming very viral on social media. Seeing this style of Dhoni in the video, you will recognize why he is called Captain Cool.

In the video, Dhoni is seen cheering the fan like a child. Can’t believe that a big cricketer is seen having fun with his fan like a common man. Explain that the fan insisted that he shake hands with his favorite player and took a selfie with him.

Finally, Dhoni shakes hands with his fan without any fear of corona after playing hide and seek. After this, Mahi’s fan becomes happy and he returns from the field.

Significantly, a similar video had surfaced earlier in which a fan reached Dhoni’s feet. Then Dhoni was batting when a fan comes to the cricket stadium of Chennai and falls in Dhoni’s feet.

Later the Captain picks him up with his hands and asks him to leave the field. Dhoni’s craze on fans is made soon.

When fans come inside the stadium to break the security cordon the day they come to get a glimpse of Dhoni in the practice ground, just imagine how much love these fans will enjoy when they play in the IPL.

Even though there have been reports of Dhoni’s retirement, the fans still want to see him in the national team.

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