From the battle with Usyk to the unknown pensioner. Is this the collapse of Gassiev’s career?

Alexander Frolov

Alexander Frolov

Murat Gassiev - Carlows Welch

The former world champion should leave Russia. Here he was too strongly taken into circulation.

After the defeat from Alexander Usik, Murat Gassiev’s career turned into a complete disappointment. For four years, the young athlete managed to move to heavyweight, but had only two fights. Endless injuries and various organizational problems have turned Gassiev into a “forever promising” guy who hardly fights. And then we heard the name of Murat’s new rival.

On August 26, our compatriot will meet in the ring with the mysterious Carlous Welch. The American heavyweight is already 42 years old – the age at which boxers are already considered “retired”. However, Welch only five years ago moved to the professionals and clearly does not want to hang up his gloves on a nail: he spends five or six fights per calendar year, which is a serious contrast to Murat’s activity. But in general, Zhelezny’s opponent is again very strange.

For example, Carlows’ last opponent was on a six-game losing streak. At the same time, Welch fights only in South America: he is most welcome in Colombia and Honduras, where he constantly performs in restaurants and hotels. Welch’s opponents tend to be almost nothing. More or less well-known names can be singled out in just a couple, and even then relatively. Where did Gassiev’s promoters even dig up this fighter?

Let’s be honest – with such fights, the 28-year-old Russian continues to quickly ruin his career. The former world heavyweight champion in two versions at once after moving to the heavyweight division fights only with strange no-names – and even then once a year. It is impossible to get to the title fight at such a pace, but it is the championship belt that both Gassiev and his entourage call their goal.

By the way, about Murat’s entourage. Although the Ossetian boxer tries not to advertise this fact, his cooperation with the scandalous Vladimir Khryunov continues. In any case, Gassiev’s last fight was helped by this particular promoter. Judging by the new opponent, Khryunov could have a hand here as well. Murat urgently needs to change the whole team, or better, leave Russia altogether, where he was “taken into circulation” too well. Alas, one gets the impression that Gassiev is happy with everything.

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