Nadal apologizes to Sonego for his actions during Wimbledon match

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal apologized to the Italian Lorenzo Sonego for the incident during the match of the third round of Wimbledon.

“First, I have to say that I was wrong. So sorry about that. My mistake is this. No problem. I acknowledge it. After that, everything that happened during the match, I don’t want to comment, because that’s what I talked about with him in the dressing room, and it stays there. I can only say that I saw him personally. I apologize for that. My goal was never to bother him at all. Just to say one thing that bothered me. I think that there is some kind of code between the players. Yes, we had some problems there. But that’s all, ” quotes Nadal.

Recall that with the score 4:4 in the third set, Nadal called Sonego to the net and told him that he continued to moan after the blows for a very long time. After this conversation, the chief arbiter asked the Italian to stop doing this.

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