Is this the revenge of the UFC president? The career of the legendary Diaz will be buried by fierce Chimaev

Igor Bragin

White is preparing a fight between Nate Diaz and Khamzat Chimaev

Nate begged Dana White for a farewell fight. It would be better if he left in English.

37-year-old Nate Diaz is an odious figure. A well-known brawler, a representative of one of the most popular among the clan’s fans. The Diaz position themselves as some sort of MMA gangsters. With whom did the Diaz brothers just not conflict. Including, with Khabib’s team there was quite a realistic skirmish at one of the UFC events.

The sunset of a career, and in another way you can’t name three defeats in Nate’s last four fights, passes nervously. The American insistently demands a money fight from the league. A year ago, he threatened to “put the upstart Chimaev in his place,” but then Dana White spared him. Diaz, of course. The tournament last weekend showed how dangerous Khamzat is.

Yes, I’m not confusing anything, the Chechen Swede did not fight in New York, but Li Jinliang prematurely delayed our Muslim Salikhov there. So, in October 2021, Chimaev dismantled this formidable Chinese in 3 (!) Minutes. The most confident and incredibly effective. Yes, Salikhov is a year older than Diaz, but he was on a five win streak in the UFC. True, he fought once a year … Perhaps this is precisely what affected the final result.

Nate has only had 3 fights in the last six years. And we do not take into account the loss to Conor McGregor in 2019. That fight made rich both the Irishman and, in a certain sense, Diaz himself. And after this financial success, the guy’s consciousness was slightly deformed. He began to demand more cash fights from the UFC. Let me remind you that the Diazs were in conflict with Khabib’s squad, but they did not learn anything useful from this.

Let’s return to the main news of the day: the preparation of the duel Diaz – Chimaev. Nate has stepped up in the last few months. The guy never thought about his health, climbed into all possible troubles. And now, being in an obvious economic crisis, he is ready for any challenges. It is known that Diaz has a contract with the fist promotion BFC on his desk. And Nate is ready to risk, as they say in such cases, health, for the sake of earning.

In the UFC, the fighter has one contract fight left. And Nate, for obvious reasons, asks the president of the league for the most money fight. Or, something epic – win or die. He demanded Chimaev a year ago, when Borz was at the top of the hype. Now the golden ashes from Khamzat have crumbled a little, but the physical strength and incredible skills have not gone away.

The Chechen fighter is on the right track in his career, he is focused on achieving results, he has a long and, hopefully, successful career ahead of him. And what can Diaz oppose to him? Sorry, we do not follow how he lives, where and with whom he trains, but. We have seen his latest fights. And his physical form is not impressive. The duel with Masvidal was stopped by the doctor. Nate protested furiously. Okay, the Edwards fight went all the way, but Diaz was painful to watch.

And here we are where we are. Tired of the constant attacks, not always correct, from the Diaz clan, the UFC president threw Nate into the clutches of one of the most dangerous predators in his organization. This fight will not work in a respectful tone. Nate will certainly begin to dust in the address of Khamzat, he will answer and there will be a real kill in the octagon. The American did not run into White to make his farewell to the league insipid.

So, friends, we are waiting for a great show, a fierce battle. And here we can only hope for the mercy of Khamzat, since Diaz is unlikely to be able to maintain health on his own. And Dana White is, of course, a very angry man. Did he just decide to take revenge on Nate for all his attacks?

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