The NBA playoff finals ended last Friday. The result did not come as a surprise to anyone, because the team that was predicted to succeed from the first round won. “Golden State” not without problems, but quite confidently figured out the young and very bright composition of “Boston” in six games.

Gomelsky: CSKA definitely won’t have enough budget for Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry once again proved that his place in history is next to the best, and the club won the fourth league title in recent history. The Warriors obviously won’t stop there. After all, judging by the odds of the bookmakers for the new season, they are again ahead of the rest.

Boston will return, but do not forget about Durant

It should hardly surprise anyone that a couple of days after the final, bookmakers call the champion the main contender for the title in the new season. You can bet on the victory of Golden State with a coefficient of 7.00. If there’s one thing this past season has shown to its fullest, it’s the Warriors’ incredible resilience. The championship team did not fall apart when injuries rained down on it and serious game problems began.

CSKA in the new season: Fedotov will not bring trophies, but there will be medals
CSKA in the new season: Fedotov will not bring trophies, but there will be medals

Klay Thompson did not play for a long time due to two terrible injuries, cost the club dearly, but returned and almost did not pass. He demonstrated good defense and percentage from behind the arc. Andrew Wiggins went from a failed “new LeBron” to a good player on a championship team.

And Steph Curry is just Steph Curry, who became the fourth in history to average 30+5+5 in finals. The Golden State tied the Chicago Bulls in the Finals but won two fewer titles. That is, there is something to strive for. This team needs almost no buff as it is already better than the rest.

Boston is still quite a bit behind – they give 7.50 to win the finalist. And by and large, the “Celts” have every chance to repeat the success. With the coach, the issue was quickly resolved – Ime Udoka, in the shortest possible time, first saved the season, returning the team to the top six, and then reached the main matches with it. Almost the entire backbone on the contract next year, only Al Horford on the non-guaranteed one. The only question is the leader – Jason Tatum must turn from an unstable talent with an anti-record for losses into a superstar.

Without greatness, but with a trophy: what awaits Spartak under Abaskal
Without greatness, but with a trophy: what awaits Spartak under Abaskal

With the same probability, the victory of Brooklyn is also considered. And here everything is not so clear. Of course, purely in terms of composition, the Nets are a powerful team on paper. However, in reality, everything depends almost on one Kevin Durant, while Kyrie Irving is in the infirmary, and Ben Simmons is trying to get used to the new role. Yes, and the future of Irving has not yet been determined, he has the option of an extension for the next season.

Of course, we should not forget about the two shadow favorites: Milwaukee and Clippers. For the success of each of them give a coefficient of 8.50. The Bucks were unlucky in many ways last season, with Giannis losing Chris Middleton’s support too early, but even without a second star, the champion made it to Game 7 against Boston.

Stephen Curry repeated the unique achievement of Michael Jordan.

Los Angeles did not make the playoffs at all, but do not forget that this is one of the most health-dependent teams of its leaders. When Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are out for long periods of time, it’s hard to count on anything.

Luka Doncic is the main contender for the MVP title

Nikola Jokic was named MVP of the regular season in the NBA last season. The versatile “big” Denver won the MVP award for the second time in a row. Absolutely deserved, although his team could not go beyond the first round of the playoffs. Undoubtedly, the influence of the Serb on the Nuggets game cannot be overestimated, and he will once again be one of the brightest players in the regular season. Only now he will have stronger competitors. Jokic himself is only fifth among bookmakers – you can bet on him for 11.00.

England and France are in crisis, Brazil is the favourite.  Who will win the 2022 World Cup?
England and France are in crisis, Brazil is the favourite. Who will win the 2022 World Cup?

The main contender is Luka Doncic from Dallas. The phenomenal Slovene did not have the most convincing season in terms of utility, but for the fourth year in a row he averaged 21+ points, approaching the top thirty, and completely broke in the playoffs. Became second behind LeBron in matches with 30+ points. Dallas is well established through trades and should be fighting for high places, but Doncic will again become a key player – they give him 5.50.

The main competitor of the Slovenian striker will definitely be Joel Embiid. The Philadelphia center lost to Jokic last season, but proved again that the Sixers are a completely different team without him. The Cameroonian had a powerful year with a career high in points (30.6) and second in rebounds (11.7), and in the playoffs he almost corrected the mistakes of James Harden and Doc Rivers, even with an eye injury. On Embiid, the coefficient is 6.00.

Next, we can note the obvious stars. Steph Curry won the Finals MVP award for the first time and is highly regarded in the fight for the title of the best in the regular season. In the same position and Giannis Antetokounmpo, who progresses every year. But the two-time MVPs of the season have too serious team resources, so they usually start playing at full strength closer to the playoffs.

LeBron will return the Lakers to the playoffs, but what next?

Of course, a separate topic of the new NBA season is the prospects for the Los Angeles Lakers, led by the greatest player of the generation. LeBron James, 37, failed to make the playoffs for the second time in his career in California despite his best scoring season in years (30.3).

Changes in the team again – Frank Vogel was fired from the post of head coach, and instead of him, after a long search, Darwin Ham came, who had not previously worked as the main one at the highest level. The appointment is controversial, but the bookmakers still have little doubt that the Lakers will be able to return to the knockout round – such a probability is estimated at 1.40.

Nevertheless, in the fight for the title of resources, “Los Angeles” is obviously not enough. Anthony Davis is still often injured, and LeBron himself misses more and more games – in only one season out of four for the Lakers, James spent more than 56 games. In many ways, this is why the King is almost not considered as a contender for the MVP – the odds of 23.00 on his success.

In the fight for the title, the club is already looking for options to trade the useless Russell Westbrook, but the chances of a deal with anyone are very slim. Without normal support, one LeBron’s efforts are clearly not enough – the probability of a second four-time MVP title with Los Angeles is estimated at 19.00. The probability is only five percent.

Golden State Head Coach: We couldn’t have done it without Curry.

LeBron James admitted that he loves Doncic’s game.

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