Tszyu, is that you? The youngest son of the great Bones almost fell in the sixth round

Alexander Frolov

Alexander Frolov

Nikita Tszyu - Ben Horn, the result of the battle

It is too early for Nikita to compete with his brother, and even more so with his father.

We somehow imperceptibly got used to the fact that the name Tszyu again brightly lit up in the sports sky. Timofey Tszyu has already won many bright victories and will soon claim the belts of the absolute world champion. Now Nikita Tszyu, the youngest in the boxing dynasty, is also taking off to the boxing Olympus. Today, Tszyu Jr. was facing the third professional fight in his career.

Initially, Nikita did not plan to go pro. He looked great in amateur boxing, but decided not to associate life with sports. Fortunately, Nikita soon changed his mind: perhaps he was influenced by the successes of his older brother Timothy, who won victory after victory. So Tszyu Jr. also decided to become a professional boxer, starting his career with two bright knockout victories.

The style of the 24-year-old athlete is best characterized by his own words – “I’m a butcher in the ring.” If Konstantin and Timofey Tszyu are classic techies, albeit with a powerful blow, then Nikita is a real bright grunt. Today, Tszyu Jr. needed to defeat Ben Horn, who did not grab the stars from the sky. By the age of 32, the Australian had only eight professional fights, losing half.

Nikita from the first seconds seized the initiative and the center of the ring. The son of the legendary Bones relied on sweeping, powerful strikes. Horn constantly retreated, not forgetting to use counterattacks. Despite a couple of serious missed hits to the body and head, Ben held his own. Although he lacked speed and technique, it was far from always possible to follow Tszyu’s fast hands.

Only the size advantage could save Horn. However, this did not stop Nikita – over and over again he pinched his opponent at the ropes, showering him with hard blows. Timofey Tszyu followed his brother’s actions, actively giving hints. By the way, in Russian. So passed two rounds of a six-round fight. The stubborn Horn did not want to fall, actively pulling Tszyu into the clinch.

Nikita Tszyu - Ben Horn

Nikita Tszyu – Ben Horn

Photo: Brandon Thorne/Getty Images

Soon Nikita began to miss tangible oncoming attacks. The fight became frankly messy the better the experienced Horne used it. In particular, Ben managed to seriously “cut” the opponent’s face. In the fourth round, the fight became completely equal. It’s good that after the break, Tszyu managed to “get together” and seized the initiative again. Kostya’s son tried not to let his opponent breathe, following the prompts from his corner. Horn took a huge amount of punches to the body, but kept on his feet.

Before the last round, Tszyu was leading in total strikes and hits. Ben was tired and hid by the ropes, dodging Nikita’s guns. At some point, Tszyu was too carried away by the attack and almost fell after a counter strike – it was alarming. The rest of the time, the boxers were just cutting. The outcome of the fight was to be decided by the judges. And they rightly gave the victory to Nikita, despite a couple of failed episodes. Tszyu won his third fight, but he needs to grow – there are still enough gaps.

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