Krylya Sovetov powerfully celebrated the 80th anniversary of the club, defeating Dynamo with a score of 5:2. I was struck by how confidently Samarans increased their advantage and how freshly they dominated after each new goal.

Moreover, this admiration has been following the team of Igor Osinkin since the beginning of the season: the debut specifically for this newly assembled team in the RPL. As a result, a confident seventh place is not far from the European Cup zone immediately after a year in the FNL, even despite the sale of leaders in each of the lines (defender Chernov, midfielder Prutsev and forward Sergeyev).

Samara is now the happiest city in the RPL.  Defeated Dynamo and sincerely celebrated the anniversary
Samara is now the happiest city in the RPL. Defeated Dynamo and sincerely celebrated the anniversary

An important factor in the success of Samara was that the team, partly assembled from the pupils of Chertanovo, had already been played and developed under the leadership of Igor Osinkin back in Moscow. Many successful combinations of Krylia this season can be called “Chertanovo”, and all five goals against Dynamo were scored by ex-footballers from Chertanovo.

  • The author of the double Maxim Glushenkov played in Chertanovo for two years, after which he moved to Spartak;
  • Vladislav Sarveli became the most recognizable “Italian” in the team, about whom the fans sang to the tune of the chants about Massimo Carrera;
  • Sergey Pinyaev tore at Chertanovo at every age, went from there to an internship at Manchester United and at the age of 15 became the youngest goalscorer in the FNL;
  • Anton Zinkovsky also played for the Chertanovo youth team, and played 96 matches for the main team.

The influence of “Chertanovo” on the “Wings” and their cute football style is obvious. But what is happening with the Moscow club itself, which until recently was eager for the RPL?

What school subjects were useful to football players?  Zinkovsky's interview for Teacher's Day
What school subjects were useful to football players? Zinkovsky’s interview for Teacher’s Day

A little backstory. How did Osinkin and company end up in Samara?

Chertanovo head coach Igor Osinkin headed Wings of the Soviets in July 2020 – at the same time, the following players joined Samara as full-fledged transfers from Chertanovo (just clients of agent Pavel Andreev).

“Wings of Soviets”

Photo: FC Krylya Sovetov

  1. Vladislav Sarveli
  2. Maxim Vitiugov
  3. Danil Prutsev
  4. Alexander Soldatenkov
  5. Yuri Gorshkov
  6. Roman Yezhov
  7. Ivan Lomaev
  8. Dmitry Tsypchenko
  9. Also on loan, Denis Yakuba joined the Samara squad.

So the mass purchase of Chertanovites was commented then by the sports director of Krylia Sergey Kornilenko:

Sergei Kornilenko

Sergei Kornilenko

sports director of Wings of the Soviets

“It must be taken into account that the RPL season ended on July 22, and the FNL began on August 2. Departure to the FNL is usually, if not a completely new team, then serious changes in the composition. The Wings had a week to resolve all questions on the formation. A week! Negligibly short timeframes. The decision to transfer players who played in the same team earlier is a logical way out of a difficult situation. The guys from Chertanovo did a great job last season in the FNL, they are a proven team.”

A year later, Sergey Pinyaev also moved to Samara.

How did Chertanovo play after that?

In the same 2019/2020 season, Chertanovo made a notable noise in the FNL: the young team came out powerfully from the winter break, gave out a series of three victories in a row and established itself in the top three. However, in March 2020, the championship was suspended due to the spread of the coronavirus, and later it was decided to end the season ahead of schedule and recognize the results as final. Chertanovo ended up in third place with 54 points, the same as Khimki, who, following the results of head-to-head meetings, left the young team behind them.

Later, the RPL will decide to cancel the joints – and so Chertanovo will miss its opportunity to enter the Premier League along with star young players. And then it will be forced to sell the leaders.

Igor Osinkin

Igor Osinkin

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Without the backbone of the team and the coach, who gave these players a nice game, “Chertanovo” sank. After the third place in the 2019/2020 season, the updated team became only 21st and dropped to FNL-2.

What’s going on with Lauren? Do they want to plant him?

Nikolai Larin is the former general director of the Chertanovo Academy, who worked at the club for 13 years. For almost a year, Larin has been under investigation – he is accused of fraud. We are talking about the so-called “dead souls”, which gave the academy and the club of the same name additional funding from the state budget.

In a February interview, Larin noted why it is necessary to overestimate the number of trainees.

Here are three main thoughts from his interview with Match TV:

1. “We are talking about overstatement of the real number of students in the school. There are four stages of sports training: initial, training, improvement and higher skill. At each stage, a certain amount is allocated for one pupil. The initial stage, for example, is 27 thousand rubles a year. And here the money is laid not for the football player himself, but for the salary of coaches, cleaners, drivers, medical staff, technical services, and so on. 27 thousand rubles. In year. For all”.

2. “In my understanding, for effective work, a coach should have a maximum of 20 children. And 10 is better, that is, two coaches per team. Then everyone will be given maximum attention, the learning process, accordingly, will go right. Well, well, even if 20 from one coach. We multiply by 27,000, which is 540,000 a year, and subtract all social payments and taxes, which is about 30 percent, and the cost of support staff. We divide the rest by 12 months, we get the coach’s salary of about 15 thousand rubles a month. Who in Moscow would work with 20 children for that kind of money? Is that a fanatic student.

Nikolai Larin

Nikolai Larin

Photo: RIA Novosti

3. “There are two ways out: either train a hundred people at once and not think about quality, or overestimate the number of students for normal work with those who really go to training. There is, of course, another option, when parents pay extra to the coach. But then they will manage the process, and the most talented guys will go to other schools. In addition, we could not allow not very wealthy parents to give the last, this is a fundamental point. Before I became the director of Chertanovo, taking money from them for fees, equipment, etc. was a common practice. That’s why I chose the option with lists.

Whose pupils are cooler: Zenit, Spartak or Chertanovo?  Salikhova raised an important topic
Whose pupils are cooler: Zenit, Spartak or Chertanovo? Salikhova raised an important topic


Not only Larin spoke about a similar problem in Russian football – Leonid Slutsky expressed similar thoughts, who noted that while working in public schools, he also encountered “dead souls”. And this contributed to the adequate work of the entire system in the school.

The penultimate remark from the same recent interview fully reflects Larin’s perception – as before, he is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of improvements and positive changes in the entire system of work of academies and clubs.

Nikolai Larin

Nikolai Larin

ex-general director of the Chertanovo Academy

“If in order to improve the system, for the good, leaders and coaches of public schools have to go to jail, I’m ready to go. It is impossible to live by laws and regulations that are long overdue for change.”

How is Chertanovo doing now?

The current state of the club continues to frighten: in its subgroup, Chertanovo took the last, 11th place and is fighting for survival in the second stage.

In the spring part, Chertanovo managed to lose to Zenit-2 with a score of 0:8 and score 7 points in the next four games. Now Chertanovites are in fourth place and are ahead of Zenit-2 from the relegation zone by two points.


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