"No information": Main coach "Tampa" – about Kucherov’s injury

The head coach of “Tampa” about the injury of hockey player Kucherov: there is no information about his condition yet

MOSCOW, June 21 – The head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, John Cooper, after winning the third match of the final series of the NHL playoffs, said that he still has no information about the condition of Russian striker Nikita Kucherov, who was injured at the end of the meeting.
On Tuesday, “Tampa” beat “Colorado Avalanche” with a score of 6:2. Kucherov scored two assists. At the end of the third period, Avalanche defender Devon Teyvz pushed the Russian in the back, he fell unsuccessfully, twisting his left leg. The forward continued the meeting, but then left the ice.
“Kucherov’s injury? You are asking something that everyone already knows about. Hockey is a contact game. Professionals know what they are doing. Smart and reasonable players are aware of their actions. You yourself have seen everything,” Sportsnet quotes Cooper.
The specialist also added that he does not yet have information about the state of Kucherov.
Lightning defenseman Viktor Hedman called Teyvz’s game against the Russian hockey player dangerous. “Let’s see if there will be some sort of punishment. I suspect he won’t get anything for this,” Hedman said.
The score in the series to four wins was 2-1 in favor of Colorado. The next match will take place in Tampa on June 23rd.


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