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‘No other player did my act, 6 senior players came to beat me,’ Shoaib Akhtar breaks silence on 15-year-old rape controversy

Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has broken his silence in the 15-year-old rape case. Shoaib Akhtar was accused in 2005 of trying to rape a girl.

Shoaib said in a conversation with the Hello app, “I was accused of rape during the Australia tour. However, the truth is that he was another player of the Pakistani team, who had ‘messed up’ with a girl. Pakistani team management hid the handiwork of that player.

I told the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) that even though the boy’s name is not revealed, but tell me that the man is not Shoaib Akhtar. Everybody was suspicious of me when that incident happened.

Akhtar said, ‘I told the PCB that I have nothing to do. The PCB told me that you party a lot, but someone else did all these things. The PCB has not cleared my name till date. An attempt was made to discredit me. Today I am saying these things in front of the world for the first time. This action was done by a player who was said to be the most decent man in the team.’

After that incident, in 2005, Akhtar was called to Pakistan on a beach tour. Because of this too, the suspicion of everyone went to Shoaib Akhtar. Shoaib Akhtar also told that in 2000, 6 senior players of his team came to beat him.

According to Akhtar, “One of them was a very big opening batsman.” He along with 5 other players came to hit me with the bat. Shoaib told that those people were upset that the media and girls follow me. I had to endure a lot in the dressing room. ‘

During the conversation, Akhtar also confessed that he had killed Mohammad Asif. Shoaib said, “I haven’t had a fight with anyone in 15 years, but on that day Mohammad Asif had crossed all limits. I got angry and killed him. He should have killed more. However, now I think it should not have happened. ‘

Akhtar also told that he had caught the throat of Saqlain Mushtaq at the Buckingham Palace. He also had a fight with Mohammad Yusuf. Akhtar accepted the fight with Harbhajan Singh. Akhtar said that he was so angry that he even went to his room to kill Harbhajan Singh.

Akhtar said, ‘I got very angry at Harbhajan Singh in Dambulla. I also went to their room to kill them. I had got the key of his room also, but he did not meet me. You would have beaten a lot if you got it. ‘

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