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Magnus Carlsen

MOSCOW, 20 Jul – Norwegian chess player and expert Thorstein Bae believes that the refusal of the reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen to play in the match for the world chess crown will be a turning point in the Norwegian career.
On Wednesday, Carlsen announced that he would not play in the match for the world chess crown with Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi. The world champion announced his decision on International Chess Day. The 31-year-old grandmaster did not rule out that someday he would compete for the world title again. Carlsen also noted that he would continue to play at other tournaments.
“Although Carlsen is the best in the rankings, there will now be a new world champion. This position carries a lot of weight. He doesn’t want to be the undisputed champion he has been for many years, but will compete a bit for attention from the new champion,” Bae is quoted as saying. N.R.K.
“He says he’s going to play anyway, but it’s worth speculating if this is the start of a serious downgrade? It’s clear that he’s pulling out of a match for the world chess crown now, and it’s sort of a turning point in Magnus’ career. He held the title peace for ten years,” the expert noted.
Carlsen defended the world title four times, the last time he beat Nepomniachtchi in 2021.
“Carlsen sits (on the throne) for ten years, wins matches for the crown and considers himself undefeated. There is logic in this – he is undefeated in his generation. And this is another important point – he has nothing more to prove in his generation,” added another expert Atle Gronn.


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