NYT: three drugs were found in Valieva’s doping test

In a doping test of 15-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva, three drugs were found that in some cases can be used to improve heart function and be aimed at increasing endurance, the New York Times quotes the head of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) Travis Tygart. a triple combination of substances, two of which are allowed and one is not. Apparently, they are aimed at increasing endurance, reducing fatigue, and increasing the efficiency of oxygen use, “said the American functionary.

According to the NYT, in addition to trimetazidine, Valieva’s sample was also found hypoxia and L-carnitine, which are not on the banned list. Valieva’s positive doping test last week, the International Doping Testing Agency (ITA) reported that Valieva’s doping test dated 25 December 2021 tested positive for trimetazidine.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), despite the appeals of the IOC, the International Skating Union (ISU), and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), allowed Valieva to the personal tournament of the Games in Beijing but canceled the award ceremony if the athlete hit the podium.

The trial against the figure skater will continue. On Tuesday, the representative of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Denis Oswald, told reporters that the substance found in Valieva’s doping test entered the body along with the product that her grandfather used.

As the IOC press service later told RIA Novosti, Oswald repeated the information published in the press. Valieva’s grandfather himself submitted a video to the hearing of the athlete’s case in which he confirmed that he had used trimetazidine, the New York Times reported. According to a source, the video provided by the grandfather was filmed in the car. He showed the camera a package of medicine and stated that he periodically took trimetazidine when he became ill.

The newspaper also reports that the athlete’s mother, in her testimony, stated that the grandfather accompanied the figure skater to training every day and stayed with her until her mother returned from work. In addition, Valieva’s mother said that her daughter was taking hypoxia to improve heart function. Valieva’s result will be considered preliminary involved, International Olympic Committee (IOC) communications director Mark Adams said on Wednesday, He also revealed that Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva’s B-sample has not yet been opened. “I remind everyone that the investigation into Valieva is ongoing, no need to draw conclusions now. CAS made a decision, she speaks. Would we like to avoid such situations? Of course, we would. We would prefer to avoid such cases. But we are where we are. We must follow the rules. I will not speculate on this case anymore. I have reached my limit I can’t even say anything else.. You need to follow the law, you need to wait at least for the opening of the “B” sample, which paradise has not yet been opened,” Adams told reporters.

USADA ThreatsTravis Tygart said earlier that the US could prosecute the Russians involved in Valieva’s positive doping situation under the American “Rodchenkov Law.”, he definitely had to speed up the process, it’s not so difficult to do, there shouldn’t have been a five-week delay for such a substance,” the head of USADA also said. American courts to issue criminal sentences for doping at events in which American athletes participate.

The defense of the Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva, if necessary, will study the requirements that may be put forward in connection with the athlete’s case and develop its position, a partner in a Swiss law firm told RIA Novosti Schellenberg Wittmer, representing the interests of the Russian woman, Anna Kuzmenko, comment Valieva is 15 years old, she is the current champion of Russia and Europe, the athlete holds world records in both types of the program and in total points. She won gold in the team figure skating competition at the Olympics and is leading after the short program.

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