“The wife will not let go for the second fight.” 52-year-old grandfather made his debut in professional boxing!

Alexander Frolov

Alexander Frolov

Oldest debut in boxing

After the fight, Januzzi claimed that he almost “blew his head off”.

Not only love “all ages are submissive.” Boxing also accepts everyone: from the smallest to the frankly elderly. Another thing is professional boxing, which can be difficult to get into even for young and talented athletes. What can we say about aging boxing fans, who, it would seem, are simply “ordered” to become a pro. But if there is a desire, there is always an opportunity!

So the 52-year-old American Paul Yanuzzi, whose grandchildren are already growing up, wanted to become a professional boxer all his life. In amateur boxing, Paul achieved good success at the regional level, then he went on a different career path. At the same time, Yanuzzi continued to box “for himself”, keeping himself in shape. And by the age of 50, I suddenly realized that I was ready to realize the dream of becoming a pro.

A few months later, there were those who wanted to help the elderly boxer. He was quickly issued a license, settled all organizational issues and even found an opponent. At a boxing evening in Massachusetts, Januzzi met with 35-year-old Brazilian Lucinei Santos, who has some experience in professional fights. However, the experience is absolutely negative – Santos had only four defeats.

Despite a very respectable age, Paul from the first seconds boldly rushed at a younger opponent. He also decided to “hack” himself, and the two boxers began a slightly clumsy, but very aggressive and sweeping exchange. In which the 52-year-old grandfather turned out to be stronger – a victory by knockout in the first round! Januzzi prevailed thanks to a solid amateur school and a huge desire.

After the fight, the veteran emphasized that he would never enter the professional ring again: “When I saw how wide Santos was hitting, I realized that I needed to move my head. We threw punches, it was fun. I give him credit, the guy tried to rip my head off. But I knew that my skills would help me. And yes, one fight is enough for me. My wife won’t let me go for a second fight.”

It is a pity that Yanuzzi gave up professional boxing, but he still set a record. At the time of his debut, Paul was several months older than the legendary Dewey Bozell, who made his pro debut in 2011. But that story was much more tragic: Bozell first spent 26 years in prison on false charges. After his release, Dewey decided to fulfill his boxing dream and, by the way, also won – only on points.

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