© Photo : Social Media Antoine Griezmann / FIFAThe French after winning the 2018 World Cup / Emblem of the World Cup in Qatar

The French after winning the 2018 World Cup / Emblem of the World Cup in Qatar - 1920, 13.08.2022

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© / Mikhail Korytov / Go to photo bankMatch France – Croatia

Match France - Croatia - 1920, 08/13/2022

According to the supercomputer, the coveted trophy will be delayed for another four years in Paris.

Beware, spoilers

On the eve of the main football tournament of the fourth anniversary, the staff of The Analyst portal did their best. Using their algorithm, the computer thought through all the possible outcomes of 64 World Cup matches in Qatar and, after a thousand calculations, gave an unambiguous result. The French who failed at EURO 2020 will forget about the failure and again become the winners of the World Cup (with a probability of almost 18%). Experts point out that Didier Dachamp’s players are favored by a comfortable tournament grid.
Following are Brazil (15.7%), which will fight in the final, and Spain (11.5%). Where is Lionel Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo?
Stars are only at the end of the top 10. The car found a place in the top ten for teams such as England (8%), Belgium (7.9%), the Netherlands (7.7%), Germany (7.2%), Argentina (6.4%), Portugal (5.1%) and Croatia (2.3%).
It’s funny that three countries at once have a 0% chance of winning. We are talking about Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia and Cameroon.

Data analysis

The scheme is quite simple. Having all the participants in the tournament in the database, the computer begins to calculate the probabilities of the outcomes of the matches and the further advancement of the teams in the 2022 World Cup bracket. Here, the developers connect the history of the performances of the national teams, and the ratings of the players, and the quotes of the bookmakers. As a result, thousands, if not millions of possible outcomes are calculated – the country whose flag will most often be the winner will be named the main contender for victory according to the “supermind”.

What winners were prophesied earlier?

  • 2018

On the eve of the World Cup in Russia, the press got the news about the supercomputer of one of the American banks, which counted millions of layouts and calculated that Brazil would win the World Cup for the sixth time in history. Contender No. 2 was called the French, who eventually became the winners of the World Cup.
What was the computer right about? Croatia did reach the final and lost to the “checkers” really winning team of Stanislav Cherchesov in the quarterfinals. Moreover, the car “saw” the victory of Croatia over England in the 1/2 finals.

© / Mikhail Korytov / Go to photo bankMatch France – Croatia

Match France - Croatia - 1920, 08/13/2022

Match France – Croatia
  • 2014

The same computer four years earlier predicted the finalists of the world championship in Brazil. The car decided that the hosts of the World Cup and Germany would compete for the cup in the decisive match. 50% hit: The Germans executed the Brazilians in the semi-final with a score of 7:1, and in the final they defeated the Argentines thanks to the golden goal of Mario Götze.
  • 2010

In South Africa, nobody cared about machine predictions. Even if there were such forecasts, they did not receive wide media coverage … The same cannot be said about the legendary octopus Paul from the German city of Oberhausen. This football connoisseur correctly predicted all eight results for which he predicted! He was right in all the meetings of the German national team, which reached the semi-finals and took bronze.
Of course, the hype around the figure of the visionary led to the fact that Paul chose the Spaniards as the winner of the 2010 World Cup final. Iker Casillas and company really defeated the Netherlands team: in extra time, Andreas Iniesta, to the sounds of a vuvuzela, shot the gates of Marten Stekelenburg and brought his country the first world gold.
This is what the show of the legend, who died 3.5 months after the fight in Johannesburg, was like:

And what about the EURO?

  • The Stats Perform supercomputer guessed the winner of the European Women’s Championship 2022 without any problems. The England team was flawless on home soil.

  • As for the men’s EURO 2020, which was held in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the supercomputer developed by experts from Sportradar named the winner … the Czech Republic! Which last summer reached the 1/4 finals. And the magnificent Italians won, shocking the British in the London final at Wembley.

* * *

The 2022 World Cup was supposed to start on November 21 and last until December 18, but this week it was decided that the World Cup would start a day earlier. Everything for Qatar to play in the opening match of a tournament that will be truly unique. For the first time in history, the World Cup will take place in autumn and winter.
We also recall that the world championship will be held without the participation of the Russian national team. At the end of February, the International Football Federation (FIFA) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) suspended national teams and clubs from participating in all international competitions against the backdrop of events in Ukraine.
What is your attitude to such a prediction?


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