“Now there is a new king in the RPL!” The genius scored in 18 seconds, and ended up with a hat-trick

Maxim Pakhomov

Maxim Pakhomov

Hat-trick of Vladimir Sychevy

Vladimir Sychevoi played for Krymteplitsa two years ago. And today, as part of Orenburg, they nailed Ural.

The match “Orenburg” and “Ural” before the start of the tour was seen as one of the least attractive. Everything is logical: in St. Petersburg – stumbled “Zenith” and promising “Wings”, in Moscow – Fedotov with CSKA against Sochi, Karpin visiting Loko and the derby “Torpedo” with “Dynamo”. Yes, and Krasnodar with Spartak, who have always played productively before. But the match between the RPL rookie and the Urals turned out to be bright in the end, and, sadder for the RFU, a little scandalous.

Although in the first half there was little brightness – rather, struggle. But in the 36th minute, the chief referee of the match, Jan Bobrovsky, made a key decision in the match – he sent off the guests’ defender Leo Goglichidze for a foul against Kovalev. The foul happened near the sideline in the center of the field, so not everyone understood why the Georgian defender was immediately removed.

Igor Fedotov

Igor Fedotov


“Bobrovsky should have limited himself to a yellow card, the Ural player did not deserve to be sent off – this is not a deprivation of a clear opportunity to score a goal. When the Orenburg player threw the ball, he did not move towards the goal. If he had been shot down when he was moving there, then the red would have been understandable, otherwise it was just a disruption of a promising attack. As for VAR, they will not interfere in such episodes this season. I can repeat what I have already said before – it is too early to launch Bobrovsky in the RPL. In the FNL, he has only about 20 matches. But apparently someone is behind him. The St. Petersburg bosses are clearly trying to excuse their own – before that, they supported Kazartsev after the Lokomotiv match, promoted Bobrovsky … We will see a lot of such stories.

And the second half started with a goal. It took Vladimir Sychev just 18 seconds after coming on as a half-time substitute to open the scoring. This is the fastest goal of the season in the RPL!

“Ural” responded with a dangerous long-range shot, but after that only the hosts worked on the field. First, Sychevoi scored a double (brought the ball into an empty net). And in the 77th minute, Vladimir scored his third goal – and the Russian’s shot came out great.

Vladimir Sychevoi

Vladimir Sychevoi

Photo: fcorenburg.ru

Vladimir Sychev is 26 years old, he was born in Sevastopol. The striker made his debut in the RPL last weekend – he went out for 17 minutes in a match with Wings of the Soviets. Last season, he scored seven goals for Orenburg in 34 matches in all tournaments. Before Orenburg, Vladimir played for Irtysh, and two years ago he played for Krymteplitsa from the Crimean Championship.

“Now there is a new king in the RPL”, “Sychevoi burst into our lives cooler than Sychev”, “The phenomenon of a new scorer” – commentator Dmitry Derunets did not hide his enthusiasm for the striker’s game. But when people are so brilliantly replacing, then this is not necessary. Although Sychevoi himself reacted modestly to the hat-trick and praise: “This is the merit of the team, it happened – he scored three and is very happy about it. It was a glorious evening, thanks to the fans for their support,” he said on the air of Match Premier.

Although you should not forget about the removal in the first half. After the first 45 minutes, Orenburg had seven hits against six for Ural, and by the final whistle – 24 against 10. So we will certainly hear from the Yekaterinburg club, which after two matches has 0 points and five goals conceded, claims in Bobrovsky’s address. Or we will see an appeal to the ESC.

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