What to do while the kebabs are grilling? 6 active outdoor games

Pavel Sukhorukov

Pavel Sukhorukov

What to play on the barbecue?

While the head chef oversees the preparation of meat, you can spend time with benefit.

Any city dweller will tell you that he really misses outdoor recreation. Now is the time of spring and the time of the May holidays. This is a good opportunity to go to the village or go hiking. Or just walk to the nearest forest park area, where you can kindle barbecues, and have a BBQ with friends there. We will talk about this. More specifically, about what to do while others marinate the meat and turn the ribs.


This is a classic fun that is very easy to find a place in your backpack, bag or just in the back seat of the car. Absolutely unpretentious toy that everyone knows how to play. Yes, and it’s very easy to come up with a game format.

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Yes, we agree that this thing is not the easiest in terms of transportation, and not everyone has it. Although in vain, because many underestimate this invention. The balance board allows you to understand how well you feel your body and how you keep your balance. Among other things, it will help you train your surfing and skateboarding skills and fitness functionality.

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And this is the next level. It is also simple and does not take up much space in the bag, like the Frisbee. But it will be more serious in terms of balance training than a balance board. All of the above does not deprive the sling of interest and fun. All you need is two supports and a sling. Be sure that the time in trying to pass the line to the end will fly by unnoticed.

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Here you will first have to practice and read textbooks, but believe me – time flies very quickly, especially when you try to combine different tricks and try to throw balls in a new way. You can juggle alone or with friends.

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Building a stone tower

One way to meditate and relax. It will depend only on you how high your turret will turn out and what it will be. But do not forget that the meat on the coals will need to be turned over, you will have to distract yourself from the stones.

Photo: unsplash.com/@seanstratton

Board games

If you belong to the category of people who like to travel and relax light, or you are tired of inventing something, board games are your option. Simple, comfortable and yet fun. But remember, for example, “Monopoly” can deprive you of friends. Joke! No.

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