Even Conor was not sung by a 20,000-strong stadium. Pimblett – an improved version of the Irishman

Alexander Frolov

Alexander Frolov

Paddy Pimblett - Jordan Leavitt

Cheerful blond again shut up the skeptics. And burst into tears after the victory.

For the next UFC tournament in London, the almighty Dana White tried to collect the most “British” card of participants. Naturally, there was a place for Paddy Pimblett, who is very popular. A guy with a funny haircut knows how to catch the hype: although Paddy only had two fights in the UFC, his fights invariably hit the main card. This is facilitated by the bright style of Pimblett – a real British “slayer”.

However, many experts note significant gaps in Paddy’s arsenal. In both fights under the auspices of the UFC, the Englishman almost got knocked out – only a strong jaw and fighting character saved him. On the other hand, Pimblett is quite young and may well grow as an athlete. Today, another test awaited him – 27-year-old American Jordan Leavitt, going on a series of two victories.

Warmed up by the crazy support of the stands, Pimblett went on the attack from the first seconds, capturing the center of the octagon. However, Leavitt quickly found the antidote, dragging the blond into the fight. There, Jordan almost fell for a choke hold, but twice managed to beautifully throw an opponent. However, Paddy defended himself very calmly – the American seemed to have taken control, but there was no sense in this. At the same time, Pimblett took the end of the round.

The second five-minute period also began with short work in the standing position, after which the competition on the ground began. Where Pimblett already looked much stronger and more energetic than his opponent. Soon, the relentless Paddy picked up the keys to Leavitt’s defense and pulled out beautifully for a choke hold. The American at first tried to get out, then decided to just endure, but still knocked. Pimblett’s third consecutive UFC victory!

After the end of the battle, the stands literally exploded with delight. Naturally, Paddy’s celebration was also colorful: he ran out of the octagon with tears and fell into the arms of his girlfriend Molly McCann, who carried him on her shoulders. When Pimblett called himself the new McGregor, he was condescendingly laughed at. But this guy is ready to be the next Conor. Not every fighter will have the entire 20,000-seat stadium singing the famous “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

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