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Paddy Pimblett showed buttocks to fans, overweight fighter, Pimblett – Leavitt


Showed haters one place! Pimblett was offended by the “fat man” – and answered on the scales

Alexander Frolov

Paddy knows how to rock. Dana White definitely liked it – he loves fun weighings.

The noisy Paddy Pimblett is markedly different from the standard UFC fighters. At a time when the highest competition forces athletes to comply with the regime as much as possible, Paddy prefers to live for his own pleasure. Endlessly having fun, drinking strong drinks and generally comes off in full. At the same time, the Briton manages to consistently make weight and does not lose after moving to the UFC.

But the fans are still worried about the health of the fighter. Between fights, Pimblett gains 25 kilograms and eats the most unhealthy food. Every day, the fighter consumes sweet donuts and dozens of candies, filling them with lemonade. What can I say if one day he vomited hot chocolate right in the cage after winning the fight! This guy definitely doesn’t like “regime”.

At the same time, Paddy is quite sensitive to jokes about his excess weight. When the famed T.J. Dillashaw declared that the Briton was bound to run into problems because of his work ethic, Pimblett lashed out in anger.

“This guy was selling a T-shirt with a picture of his fat face and the words “Fat Tyler” when he returned from training camp. Don’t forget your past. You never won a belt without steroids,” Paddy wrote on social media.

Before each fight, many assure that this time Paddy will definitely not make weight. But a guy with a funny haircut invariably shows the right numbers on the scales, and the first time. And now Pimblett, tired of insults like “fat” and “sumo wrestler” in social networks, kept within the light weight limit before the fight with Jordan Leavitt. And immediately answered the critics, showing them the buttocks! The gesture, of course, is indecent – but the fans love it.

“For everyone who tried to embarrass me and said that I was fucking out of action – kiss my ass,” Pimblett said.

In such a “sudden exposure” – the whole of Pimblett. A relaxed and quick-tempered athlete, not really thinking about what he will do next. Yes, and in the cage, Paddy also acts as emotionally as possible, winning in furious logging. No wonder Dana White values ​​him so highly, seeing him as the next Conor McGregor. Only in order to reach the glory of the Irishman, Paddy needs to be greatly increased. Let’s hope he does it.


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