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Pakistan Super League (PSL) announces $ 1 million prize money

PSL 2020: An amount of $ 1 million has announced for the Pakistan Super League 2020. The winner of the event will be given $ 5 million with a beautiful trophy.

Pakistan Super League, Pakistan Super League PSL
Pakistan Super League (PSL)

The financing for the 5th edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has announced. A total of $ 1 million (over Rs 15 crore) will be distributed during the league.

The team winning PSL 2020 will give 5 lakh US Dollars and runner team US $ 2 million.

In addition, during the event, the best player of each match will be given a man of the match award. In each of the 34 matches played, the man of the match will be rewarded with the US $ 4,500.

The winner of the event’s best players, best batsman, best bowler, and Spirit of Cricket award will be split on an $ 80,000 basis.

The rest of the prize money will be split in the form of prizes for the best catch, best runout and most hitting players during the tournament.

The 32-day event, which consists of 34 matches. The biggest cricket festival in Pakistan since the 2008 Super League Asia Cup.

12 years ago, the event was played in Lahore and Karachi. Along with teams from 3 test-playing countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.

Pakistan has previously hosted the 1987 and 1996 World Cups.

In the World Cup 1987, Pakistan hosted 10 matches at 7 different venues. In 1996, they had the honor of hosting 16 matches at 6 different venues.

HBL PSL 2020 will be played in 4 different cities and 9 events will be played in Karachi, 14 Lahore, 8 Rawalpindi and 3 in Multan.

The inaugural match of the event will be played on February 20 between defending champion Quetta Gladiators and two-time champion Islamabad United.

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