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CSKA player Jesus Medina - 1920, 08/05/2022

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MOSCOW, 5 Aug – Paraguayan football player of CSKA Jesus Medina said that he did not even think about the suspension of the contract with the Moscow club.
Medina joined CSKA as a free agent in January. In June, the International Football Federation extended permission for foreign players and coaches to suspend contracts with Russian clubs due to the situation in Ukraine.
“I didn’t even think about suspending the contract with CSKA. I talked with my agent and we agreed that I want to start the season from scratch. I arrived in Russia in the middle of the championship, and this is not at all the same as starting preparations before the start. I determined to play for CSKA, and most importantly, I am very happy here,” Medina was quoted as saying by the CSKA website.
The midfielder said that he began to study Russian, and also confessed his love for Russian cuisine, walks in Moscow parks and metro rides.
“My girlfriend works with a tutor for an hour a day and slowly teaches me. She already understands quite a lot of words, and her Russian culture dragged on even more than me. She reads a lot about Russia, and at the end of the day she shares her knowledge with me. I love walking (in Moscow) and most of all I like parks, especially Gorky Park.I take my friends with me, my beloved mate, and the guys and I walk along the river bank, talk and enjoy the warm summer.I also like to walk in the center city, along the streets, to study architecture and ancient buildings, drink coffee in a cafe with a beautiful view. My girlfriend lays tourist routes and talks about the history of Moscow, and at this time I enjoy the views, “said the 25-year-old Paraguayan footballer.
“Of course, I especially like to take a ride (by metro) to the center, where there are stations of unreal beauty, I have never seen such places anywhere. To be honest, I just disappear there, dissolve in the crowd, look at all the mosaics and reliefs for a very long time. I really like borscht! I I eat it all the time after a pre-game workout. But in general, the food of athletes is very limited and boring, it’s hard to try something special. From traditional cuisine, I fell in love with syrniki after a lunchtime nap. For them, I buy sour cream in my house. It’s very tasty, “added Medina .



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