On August 14, the match of the 5th round of the Russian Premier League “Paris Nizhny Novgorod” – “Rostov” will take place. The game starts at 17:30 Moscow time. The bookmakers have already given a forecast, they consider the guests to be the favorites: you can bet on the victory of Rostovites in bookmakers with a coefficient of 2.03. The success of Nizhny Novgorod is estimated by experts at 3.80. Bets on a draw are accepted for 3.60.

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Odds of bookmakers for the RPL match “Paris Nizhny Novgorod” – “Rostov” on August 14, 2022

Bookmakers believe that the RPL match “Paris Nizhny Novgorod” – “Rostov” will not be productive: the total over 2.5 goals goes for 2.08, and the total under 2.5 goals – for 1.80. If the hosts score, the odds will be 1.50. Away goal is available at bookmakers with odds of 1.23. You can bet on both teams to score for 1.90.

Analysis and forecast for the match of the 5th round of the championship of Russia “Nizhny Novgorod” – “Rostov” (14.08.2022)

The new football season continues to gain momentum. Four matches of the 5th round of the Russian Premier League are scheduled for August 14. In the latest of them, Pari Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov will face off at the Nizhny Novgorod stadium. The starting whistle will sound at 17:30 Moscow time.

Chelsea - Tottenham.  Conte and Kane leave four terrible years behind
Chelsea – Tottenham. Conte and Kane leave four terrible years behind

As expected, the change in head coach hit the club from Nizhny Novgorod hard. Under the leadership of 38-year-old Mikhail Galaktionov, he did not win a single victory in the first four rounds of the current RPL draw. Nizhny Novgorod tied with Lokomotiv (1:1) and CSKA (2:2), and lost to Khimki (0:3) and Sochi (1:2).

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After the defeat from Sochi, the sports director of Pari NN, Igor Kudryashov, said that his club is looking for players in the position of central defender, lateral and striker. Then the previous coach of Nizhny Novgorod Alexander Kerzhakov gave an interview. The mentor, who built a strong, uncompromising team from Nizhny Novgorod last season, criticized Kudryashov.

Kerzhakov announced the low level of qualification of the sports director of Nizhny Novgorod. As an example, he cited the situation with Nikita Krivtsov from Krasnodar. Last season, the 39-year-old specialist planned to join the ranks of his wards with a promising Krasnodar defender. But he failed to defend the purchase in front of the management of Pari NN.

Spartak - Sochi.  Abascal will stay in the RPL top
Spartak – Sochi. Abascal will stay in the RPL top

Instead of Krivtsov, Kerzhakov was given lists of possible candidates for the team from Kudryashov. After that, the mentor realized that he had nothing in common with the sports director of the team from Nizhny Novgorod. Apparently, the quality of the proposed players did not satisfy Kerzhakov at all. With such data, Nizhny Novgorod is unlikely to succeed in the near future.

The bottom line is that Galaktionov has a very bad experience at the club level. The coach achieved the best success with the youth team of Russia (reached the semi-finals of the European Youth Championship in 2015 and won the Granatkin Memorial in 2016). At the head of Akhmat, the mentor won only two victories in the 2017/2018 season in nine rounds in the Russian championship.

Rostov started the current season much better. For four meetings, he did not suffer a single defeat with draws with strong Moscow Dynamo (1:1) and Lokomotiv (2:2). The yellow-blue victories won over Khimki (1:0) and Orenburg (2:1). In all confrontations, Nikolay Komlichenko scored goals.

PSG - Montpellier.  Messi and Neymar meet Mbappe.  Poor guests!
PSG – Montpellier. Messi and Neymar meet Mbappe. Poor guests!

Even at the end of last season, after the return of Valery Karpin, the striker got into good shape and began to please with performance. In the last eight incomplete meetings, he has scored four goals and provided one assist. By the way, during this period, the Rostovites suffered only two defeats – from Krasnodar (1:2) and CSKA (0:4) in the last round match, which no longer decided anything.

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Having signed a full-fledged contract with Rostov, Komlichenko became a fundamental player and one of the leaders. In the new season, rookie Daniil Utkin is a great help to the striker. The young midfielder gave two assists to the forward in the first four rounds of the RPL. In addition, he managed to score himself – to Lokomotiv.

Obviously, Rostov is doing well. The club is progressing again under Valery Karpin, gaining momentum with each new round. Although there is nothing surprising in this. After all, the coach of the Russian national team has vast experience and unique management skills. Using them, the specialist managed to rehabilitate the Rostovites after the departure of the legionnaires and take ninth place in the last RPL draw.

At the moment, Karpin has an order of magnitude more resources. The question arises – what is he capable of now? In a recent interview, former Russian striker Andrei Arshavin noted that Rostov might even be able to impose a fight for the Russian Championship gold medals on Zenit and other strong RPL clubs. Let’s see.

Zenit - CSKA, Arsenal - Leicester and other matches.  What to watch on August 13
Zenit – CSKA, Arsenal – Leicester and other matches. What to watch on August 13

The favorites of the upcoming match, no doubt, look Rostovites. In the last face-to-face meeting, they were defeated (1:2), although they looked an order of magnitude better than their opponent. Since then, much has changed, but not in favor of the owners. The yellow-blues now look like a collected, powerful team capable of beating any RPL club. The same cannot be said about Nizhny Novgorod. Let’s take P2 as a factor of 2.03.

Forecast and bets for the RPL match “Pari NN” – “Rostov” on August 14, 2022

The results in the last four rounds of the Russian Championship, the level of the mentor and the internal structure of the club are an order of magnitude better for Rostov. The football demonstrated by Rostovites under Karpin is superior in quality to the game of Nizhny Novgorod, headed by Galaktionov. The hosts, in our opinion, look like outsiders. I think they will lose.

Bid: victory of “Rostov” for a coefficient of 2.03.

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