"Pay attention to details": Stamkos is about defeating "Colorado"

Tampa Bay forward Stamkos on Colorado win: more attention to detail

MOSCOW, June 21 – Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven Stamkos said his team was able to win Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals thanks to greater attention to detail.
On Tuesday, “Tampa” beat “Colorado Avalanche” with a score of 6:2. Stamkos scored one assist and also scored after a pass from Russian Nikita Kucherov.

“We knew we couldn’t afford to lose today. We paid more attention to details. The game plan didn’t change much, but we were able to implement it. Therefore, our team played much better,” the NHL website quotes Stamkos.

The score in the series to four wins was 2-1 in favor of Colorado. The next match will take place in Tampa on June 23rd.


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