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Peter Yan – Sean O’Malley, UFC 280, when the fight, who is the favorite, where to watch


Peter Yan – Sean O’Malley: the Russian will no longer be neat

Pyotr Kondakov

Jan’s fists will speak for him.

On October 22, the Etihad Arena on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi (UAE) will host the UFC 280 martial arts night. (16-3) and American Sean O’Malley. The start of the battle is not earlier than 21:00 Moscow time. Will the Russian be able to return to the victorious path?

Bookmakers consider Petr Yan the clear favorite of the fight. You can bet on his victory with a coefficient of 1.23. O’Malley’s chances are rated at 4.16, and they give 61.00 for a draw. At the same time, on TB 2.5 rounds they give a coefficient of 1.67, and you can bet on the fact that the fight will end earlier for 2.13.

Yang won’t be too careful anymore

Petr Yan frankly disappointed in his second fight with Algemain Sterling. If in the first fight the Russian was let down by pure chance – a forbidden blow on emotions, then in the rematch, Peter was not like himself. Excessive enslavement and caution, Yang seemed to be afraid of re-igniting emotions. It all ended in defeat. Well, the Russian had to learn this lesson.

From the point of view of the opponent, this fight cannot be called a landmark. O’Malley is only the 13th division number. But from the point of view of media and trash talk, the American is a popular fighter. A confident victory over him will make the audience talk about Jan again and bring Peter closer to the championship fight.

Sean O’Malley

Photo: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

O’Malley doesn’t know what’s in store for him.

Sean’s advantage is in anthropometry. Growth, arm span – this is where the American should try to realize his advantage. Sean believes in his striking power (and he really has what he needs), he has repeatedly stated that he will knock out Jan in the standing position.

That’s just O’Malley has not yet met with such a hardy and persistent fighter as Peter Yan. Moreover, he had never felt such striking power and speed. Therefore, the trumps of an American in the octagon can crumble like a house of cards. Sean’s chance is in constant pressure and pressure on Jan. He must hit several times, stun the Russian and only then finish him off. It is hard to believe this, objectively speaking. Especially since in terms of endurance, Yang will give Sean 100 points ahead.

There will be no quick victory

At the same time, we remember how Petr Yan had fights with Sterling. He definitely will not rush at the opponent right away, he will take a closer look, try to notice the weaknesses. And only then… The ideal strategy seems to be rapprochement. In the clinch, O’Malley will be very difficult. Pinning him in a corner near the net and bringing down a hail of blows is the key to Jan’s victory. Do not forget about low-kicks: defense against them is the weak point of the American.

There is a feeling that in this fight Jan will finish the job ahead of schedule. But don’t expect a quick knockout. A bet on over 2.5 rounds for 1.67 looks good. But the 4th and 5th rounds have every opportunity not to end.

However, if O’Malley turns out to be persistent and can take a hit, the Russian will not refuse to win on points. A knockout for Jan in this case is not an end in itself. The main task for the fight is to show that Peter Yan is in business, took into account the mistakes of past fights and is ready to regain the champion title.

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