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Petr Yan vs Sean O’Malley UFC 280 October 22, 2022 why Yan will fight O’Malley


Yang stayed at the “curly” trough. All top fighters dismantled

Alexander Frolov

Peter will have to fight with the guy from the basement of the rating.

Curly-haired merry fellow Sean O’Malley shared a bombshell insider: Peter Yan will become his next opponent! According to the American, the fight with the Russian will take place on October 22 at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi. Apparently, Dana White decided to pleasantly impress the Arab sheikhs by collecting a chic fight card. The fight between Jan and Mally will be another icing on the cake.

But why such a fight for Petr Yan, who occupies the first place in the UFC bantamweight rating? Our compatriot recently lost in a title fight by a controversial judicial decision, and he is given a guy who occupies only 13th place in the ranking as his rivals. At first glance, a very strange decision by Dana White, who rarely gives such chances to fighters from the “basement” of the division. Let O’Malley and very bright from all points of view.

However, it is not surprising that Yang agreed to the fight. The fact is that almost all the athletes from the top 10 have already been “sorted out”. Apparently, Peter did not want to stand idle for a long time, waiting for the stars to become free. On the other hand, recently Ian had the opportunity to sign a contract for a duel with Marlon Vera, but the Russian did not show any initiative. Now you have to fight O’Malley – this is hardly the ultimate dream of the ex-champion.

The risks are very high: Sean is a very dangerous opponent, with an excellent knockout punch. Jan will be the favorite, but any mistake can be fatal for him. The defeat of the 13th rating number will deal a heavy blow to Peter’s reputation – the distance to the title fight will increase several times. But the victory will give little to our compatriot – it is unlikely that his shares will seriously grow.

On the other hand, a long wait would definitely not be a good solution. The real tops for Yan are definitely not available – the UFC matchmakers planned everything immediately after the Russian’s defeat in the second fight with Sterling. Now Peter got the opportunity not only to earn money, but also to hype properly. And if Yang wins, he will also push a promising opponent out of the championship race. A fight like this is better than none.


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