Pixie and Santos are together again, the Portuguese finally laughed when he met the Serbian coach

The summit of the representatives of the best football national teams in the world is in Doha these days, where the long-awaited draw of groups for the World Cup in Qatar will be held tomorrow, April 1. The selectors of all national teams participating in the World Cup are present, and among those who arrived is the selector of Serbia, Dragan Stojković Piksi, in front of the delegation of the Football Association of Serbia.

During the day, Pixie had a cordial meeting with the Croatian coach Zlatko Dalic, and shortly afterward he met another well-known person – the coach of Portugal Fernando Santos. This time, Santos was also smiling from “ear to ear”, finally, because the Serbian football players and Pixie took a smile off his face during the two qualifying matches. He shone during the meeting with his “executioner” from the qualifications, hugged, chatted, and all the time he just laughed at the fact that, despite the difficulties, he managed to take the Portuguese to Qatar. Pixie arrived there a little before him, so this meeting of two rivals from the qualifications is of special importance for both selectors.

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