Plushenko academy coach told why it’s hard to work with Trusova

Academy coach Plushenko said that it is hard to work with Alexandra Trusova

MOSCOW, 18 Mar – The coach of the Angela Plushenko figure skating academy, Dmitry Mikhailov, spoke in an interview with Match TV about the peculiarities of working with Alexandra Trusova.
According to the specialist, it is difficult to work with Trusova because of her desire to always perform the most difficult program.
“Sash, forgive me. It’s not easy to work, like with many. Of course, there are performing athletes, but we won’t go anywhere from those people who can express their opinion. Right, wrong, but they have the right to it. And our task is to coaches – to make sure that they take the right position. So Sasha really had a lot of his opinion. I won’t go into details, but still. She knows what she wants, but we just saw the situation a little differently, that’s all, ” shared the opinion of the coach.
Mikhailov also noted that the coaching staff should have dealt with the skater’s programs faster and explained the features of the work.
“Sasha constantly studied in the hall to make the programs better, brought it all to perfection. A lot was changed after Rozanov finished staging them – in a short one, for example, these are two runs, the whole track. There is little from his original production what was left. We were constantly looking for some other moves in it. Literally every step. I came home and scrolled through the movements several times, visualized – and so with each combination until the jump. The next day I came and tried it on the ice. Then Sasha and I we looked at how it would look. If it looked good on Sasha, they showed Evgeny Viktorovich, if he liked it, they left it. So they worked, “the specialist explained.
Alexandra Trusova in 2020 moved from the Tutberidze group to the Plushenko Academy. The figure skater left the “Angels” a year later.


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