Possible plans for Bobby Lashley revealed after WWE Championship loss

Bobby Lashley’s reign in WWE is over. Big E won the WWE Championship this week with Money in the Bank Cash in over Bobby Lashley in the Red Brand. Now a question is coming in everyone’s mind that what will be the next plan of WWE for Lashley. According to current reports, The Hurt Business Group may now have a reunion. It is also being said that Lashley will unite this group.

Big E defeated Bobby Lashley to win the championship this week on WWE Raw

Big E will now be seen in the Raw roster. The New Day tag team will also be seen together now. Last year in the draft, this team was separated. If Bobby Lashley wants to win the WWE Championship again, he will have to bring his former teammates along. Shelton and Cedric can now be seen with Lashley again.

Cage Sight Sheets has now fully stamped this point. According to the report, The Hurt Business will now return. Shelton and Cedric can play a big role in making Lashley the champion again. If these four superstars come together then the fans will enjoy it. These four superstars did a great job together for a year.

The MVP had posted a picture with Shelton on Instagram. The MVP gave indications that the heart business could now be seen together. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods will be there to support Big E. This rivalry will be awesome. Fans will enjoy this rivalry. The next episode of Raw will be awesome. Bobby Lashley and MVP can make a big announcement here. Big E will also be seen on Raw with the title. Xavier Woods and Kofi will also be there. Bobby Lashley will also get his rematch soon. Now it has to be seen what will be the plan of WWE going forward.


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