Putin granted the request of biathlete Zhurauskaite, who decided to renounce Russian citizenship

    © / Mikhail Klimentiev / Go to photo bankVladimir Putin

    MOSCOW, 22 Jul – Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on renunciation of Russian citizenship by Murmansk-born biathlete Lidia Zhurauskaite, the document has been published on the Legal Information Portal.
    Earlier, the media wrote about the plans of the athlete to change citizenship and compete at the 2026 Winter Olympics in Italy. It was also reported that Zhurauskaite intends to play for the Lithuanian national team.
    “To satisfy the application for renunciation of the citizenship of the Russian Federation by the following persons: Zhurauskaite Lidia Mikhailovna, born on April 9, 1999 in Murmansk,” the document says.



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