“Have you seen this hit?” The Rangers dirty cut Crosby out of the game and then made a comeback

Elena Kuznetsova

Elena Kuznetsova

Rangers dirty cut out of Crosby's game

Pittsburgh was 2-0 up and in control until Jacob Truba elbowed the Penguin captain in the face.

A comeback is something that the Rangers have not been able to do in the series with Pittsburgh until today. More precisely, in one match they were able to equalize the score with 1:4, but still lost. Two away matches became a real nightmare for the team of Gerard Gallan – Vezina finalist Igor Shesterkin missed 10 goals, and the third goalkeeper of the Penguins outplayed him.

Pittsburgh’s offense was in full swing and put the Rangers on the brink of elimination. Today’s start didn’t bode well for New Yorkers either. Jake Gyuntsel flashed Igor Shesterkin with a throw from behind the end line, and in the middle of the second period, Evgeni Malkin and Chris Letang converted a two-on-one.

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Then the comeback began, but at what cost? The Rangers already played rough, almost on the verge (remember at least Lindgren’s hit on Raquell), and backed up against the wall, they switched to outright dirt, arranging a hunt for Sidney Crosby.


Pittsburgh was in complete control of the game until the middle of the second period, when the key episode of this game, and possibly the entire series, happened. Jacob Truba took out the opposition’s best player, team captain Crosby, who at 34 is in his best shape and has scored 9 (2+7) points in his first four games. “Perhaps his time is running slower than ours. When a team has such a leader who plows and does everything right, the rest follow his example, ”said Brian Rust.

Crosby, even before this episode, missed several sensitive blows, including from the Pipe and from Zibanejad with a stick to the face. Head coach Mike Sullivan said after the game that the striker had an upper body injury and would have to undergo further examination. Regarding Truba’s elbow, he said, “Did you see that hit? Then I suppose you think the same of him as I do.”

Crosby, after hitting Truba with an elbow in the face, went out for two more shifts, but did not appear further on the ice, and the game quickly turned 180 degrees. “Rangers” piled on the gates of “Pittsburgh” and in less than three minutes not only equalized the score, but also took the lead!

The comeback was started by Adam Fox, flashing Louis Doming with the most accurate shot through the traffic, then Alexis Lafrenier closed the gorgeous pass of Kaapo Kakko from behind the gate, and finally, Truba also scored, his goal turned out to be especially beautiful. He beat the experienced Jeff Carter, rolled into the middle of the zone and drove the puck into the net with an uncomfortable feeling.

The rights to the video belong to NHL Enterprises, LP You can watch the video on the NHL website.

“Pittsburgh” was able to quickly bounce back after 13 seconds – a mistake by Shesterkin helped, who went out of the gate to play the puck and lost it, and then Malkin turned on again and assisted Gunzel. The American striker scores in every game of the series, today’s double helped him catch up with Kirill Kaprizov in the race of the best scorers in the playoffs.

The rights to the video belong to NHL Enterprises, LP You can watch the video on the NHL website.

The Rangers finished what they started in the third period – Filip Chytil converted the majority, and Ryan Lindgren put an end to the match, hitting an empty net. “Pittsburgh” had a hard time without Crosby, and it’s not certain that the captain will be able to return for the next game.

The Rangers were able to save their season by breaking a key opposing player. “The team fought really hard today, that’s what we wanted from them. Fight, try to win the fight one on one, and we played hard. We lost 0:2, but we played hard and were able to turn the tide of the meeting, ”Gallan said. The Penguins, of course, are used to playing without their main stars, how did they do it half the regular season? We’ll have to somehow cope now, otherwise the Rangers can turn the tide of the series. “We have a lot of leaders and that helps a lot. You never want a player like that to get injured, but we need to find a way [даже без него],” Gunzel said.


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