Real Madrid will not participate in La Liga meeting

Real Madrid pull out of La Liga EGM

MOSCOW, 30 Nov – Real Madrid refused to participate in the extraordinary general meeting of the Spanish La Liga in the UAE, according to a statement on the official website of the capital’s football club.
The Board of La Liga – the organization responsible for holding the championship of Spain in the elite and second divisions – Example and Segunda – on November 25 announced an extraordinary general meeting, which will be held on December 7 in Dubai. As noted, the delegates should consider a number of numerous important changes in the internal bylaws and rules of the league.
According to the release, La Liga has decided to bear the costs of organizing the meeting, the arrival and accommodation of the delegates. The management of the Madrid club considers such extravagance completely inappropriate in a situation where many teams are going through difficult financial times. Also, holding the meeting in Dubai, and not at La Liga headquarters in Spain, Real calls it illegal.
In connection with the above arguments, the management of Real Madrid decided to refuse to participate in this event, none of the representatives of the Madrid club will go to Dubai.
Previously, the board of La Liga demanded that UEFA apply sanctions against the Italian “Juventus” because of the Turin club’s violations of financial fair play rules. Juventus are Real Madrid’s ally in the creation of the European Super League and remain one of three clubs, along with Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​that have not pulled out of the project despite pressure from UEFA and the public.


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