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Relaxation Videos – Top 5 Relaxation Videos in Good Quality

5 atmospheric videos to help you relax at home on the weekend

Margarita Ivannikova

You can dive deep without scuba gear and go into space without a rocket.

There are times when you don’t want to leave the house at all, and the weather doesn’t favor this either: it’s cold outside, it’s raining more and more often and a strong wind is blowing. Then home gatherings with friends or in splendid isolation become a great way to spend time. You can pour yourself a warm cocoa, wrap yourself in a fluffy blanket and turn on the series that you have long wanted to watch. Or, say, sit by the fireplace or the sea and think about your own. Say, a fireplace and the sea are not provided for at home? It’s not a problem. You can always see them on your TV screen, and in excellent quality. We have collected some atmospheric and long videos for the perfect autumn weekend.

The crackling of wood in the fireplace

Contemplating the dancing flames in the fireplace is soothing. Imagine that you are somewhere far outside the city in a medieval mansion, bohemian sipping a warm drink from a mug and thinking big.

Tidal bore

If you always miss the sea, even if you just returned from there, this video will help you indulge in pleasant nostalgia. By the way, perhaps, under the sound of the waves, someone will be able to fall asleep sweetly.

forest walk

In the forest, you always feel alone with nature, breathing clean air and listening to the birds singing. If you can’t go out for a walk now or you don’t have a forest near your house, turn on this video.

Undersea world

Those who are fond of diving have already seen something like this live. But if you are not a fan of diving to the depths, but you like watching colorful fish and corals, we recommend that you turn on this video.


Many were probably fond of space in childhood and could list all the planets of the solar system in order. Why not then go into space without getting off the couch? Let’s say, look at how our planet looks from afar.

We already wrote above that cocoa is ideal for such gatherings. For those who are closely watching their figure, we have a recipe for this drink. Look for it here.

How to make PP-cocoa with marshmallows?

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