The SKA star was removed for a blow to the head, CSKA collapsed in Minsk. Results of the day KHL

Denis Lutchenko

Denis Lutchenko

Results of KHL matches on September 22

And Sibir again lost to Avtomobilist.

On September 22, four matches took place in the Fonbet KHL Championship. Briefly describe what happened in each of them.

Avtomobilist started the away match in Novosibirsk in an incredible way. The Yekaterinburgers scored two goals within three minutes, but it seems that they went to rest on their laurels too early. Sibir distributed forces a little more evenly over time and scored one goal each before and after the break.

However, at the equator of the meeting, the Urals made another impressive breakthrough. In the interval of all the same three minutes, the team of Nikolai Zavarukhin scored two goals. One of the goals was recorded on a personal account by 36-year-old Sergey Shirokov, who played his 700th league match. Sibir did not have an equally effective veteran, and the attempts of other players to make another comeback were unsuccessful.

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SKA tried to take points from Mytishchi with little bloodshed. Through the efforts of Dmitry Yashkin and Marat Khusnutdinov, the army team quickly transferred the Kunlun to the position of catching up. The turning point could be a successful majority draw for the Chinese team. Two seconds before the end of the starting period, Kyle Wood charged heartily from the left circle of the face-off and reduced the gap to a minimum.

As it turned out, this washer only provoked the Petersburgers. In the second segment of the meeting, the wards of Roman Rotenberg were unstoppable. Zakhar Bardakov, Valentin Zykov and Roman Rukavitchnikov made the score devastating. Unpleasant numbers did not plunge the “red stars” into a panic even at the moment when Nikita Komarov scored the sixth goal.

After that, the Kunlun set off in a desperate pursuit. Tough guy Gareth Hunt was at the forefront. Instead of a fight, the Canadian lifted the spirit of his teammates with an abandoned puck – the first in his Kaheel career. Five minutes before the end, Dmitry Kostenko threw another. The Chinese did not have enough time to develop success. However, the final of the meeting was extremely stressful: the opponents collected several fines for rudeness.

The most unpleasant consequence of the game for SKA is a large fine against Alexander Nikishin. He was sent off for the remainder of the match for attacking the head and neck and is now at risk of a disqualification.

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Severstal did not find any counterarguments to the debugged game of Dynamo Moscow. The blue-and-whites acted strictly in their own half of the court, and looked more fresh and inventive in attack. The most obvious proof of their superiority was the first goal: first, Vladislav Mikhailov won the duel in the corner of the court, then Vladislav Kodola removed the opponent with a sharp feint and laid out a gorgeous pass for Nikita Buruyanov. The 19-year-old striker made an amazing shot.

In the next shift, his partner, Maxim Dzhioshvili, tried to repeat Buruyanov’s trick. Dynamo’s number seven was thrown almost from the side, while turning around, and hit the near corner of Vladislav Podyapolsky. The Severstal goalkeeper could only answer with a disappointed wave of his hands.

When six and a half minutes remained before the final siren, Podyapolsky left the ice, giving way to an additional field player. Andrey Razin’s bold bet paid off, and soon Adam Lischka reduced the gap from his opponent to one step. True, the Cherepovites did not have enough for more, and at the end of the meeting, Ivan Igumnov struck an empty net with a roundhouse throw.

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Minsk “Dinamo” in a very casual style overcame the resistance of CSKA. By the middle of the match, the Belarusians were leading with a score of 2:0, and at the beginning of the third twenty-minute period, Cedric Paquette increased the Bison’s advantage to three goals. Yaroslav Dyblenko answered only with a goal of prestige.

One of the factors in the defeat of CSKA was the abnormal number of deletions. Muscovites received seven fines, and Pavel Karnaukhov was punished for unsportsmanlike behavior and insulting judges. There was a fight at the end of the game. Dyblenko and Roman Gorbunov, who was significantly inferior to him in size, clashed right at the side. Gorbunov hit the board several times, but did not yield to the opponent in the pressure – the brawl ended in a draw.

The rights to the video belong to KHL LLC. The video can be viewed on the league’s official website.

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